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border to create beautiful borders in your garden. our undulating panels are very decorative and can also be used as a border fence in your garden, just leave to site proud of you lawn. each panel has a raised top lip . Free Sample

if you want to cut the brick if you dont have a circular saw you can use a grinder with a diamond blade. also you can fix only in sand by a hammer and after they are locked you must do the same operation seen in the video, brushing the sand into the gaps. you can use some dividers between bricks for even . Free Sample

garden log roll edging is easy to install, providing decorative and functional marking for areas of your garden or driveway. the forest log roll is supplied in a rolled format covered in net and will cover a length of 180 cm. it's 15 cm tall and the ideal way to . Free Sample

edging and kerbs supplies from . our edging products are available in different materials too, including indian sandstone and granite, so you have plenty of scope to match them up to your current patio, driveway or pathway so they will . bradstone - block kerb accessories - brindle - small kerbs . Free Sample

sands cements and concrete . oak sleepers | garden landscaping wooden railway beams | funky chunky | 8x4 . a larger amount of rot to the underside is allowable, a grade c sleeper will always have one good face and so can be used to edge driveways, stand portable buildings or containers on or a plethora of . Free Sample

garden walls, wall blocks garden walling? contemporary and traditional options; choice of natural stone or replica walling; complementary steps, paving and edging available; copings and caps to match. whether you're looking for something to make your outdoor space more at one with the rest of your . Free Sample

garden deck can be a complicated process, especially for beginners or those who haven't built a . overlapping your decking boards is the best way to add a curved edge to your structure, as it allows you to saw sand a curve into the surface. Free Sample

landscape - other metro - mchale landscape design, inc. we need this for our driveway edging! . natural playground ideas -edging - could do this with left over wood or even log sections - add a hole to the top of the low wood pieces and insert a dowel or rod and hang deer fence - easily . Free Sample