eco responsible compared to composite decks

composite decking is made from a combination of timber fibres and plastic. manufacturers of composite decking materials claim that it is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber decking because instead of harvesting rainforest or plantation trees, sawdust and other timber by-products are . Free Sample

eco-friendly composite wood decking products made from 95% recycled products, and can help earn leed green building credits . the energy saved from plastic and wood recycled annually by a.e.r.t inc. is comparable to taking 45 thousand vehicles off the road. the recycled materials . Free Sample

environmentally friendly choice. there is a lot of conflicting information about whether composite or timber decking is better for the environment, however there are good arguments for both. timber is a renewable resource. in australia, natural timber is sourced from plantations or new growth forests. Free Sample

eco friendly products here at ecoscape uk. composite decking available in four colours, composite balustrade and composite fencing and gates. our composite products don't rot and are afforded a 20 year guarantee compared to traditional timber decking which may need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years Free Sample

selecting rooftop materials: composite decking versus natural decking . many imported composites or pvc can contain materials that are not friendly to the environment and made from inferior ingredients that cannot stand up to the elements like those from manufacturers that have been in business here . Free Sample

composite decking manufacturers push the environmental angle claims such as environmentally friendly , no trees were cut down are common place. if anyone thinks the combination of wood dust, plastics, preservatives, dyes, uv inhibitors and chemical additives under high temperatures is environmentally . Free Sample

environmentally friendly building materials. so when you build your deck, be sure to measure the environmental footprint as well as the physical footprint. * plastic-composite decking is a man-made material made from plastic and sawdust. vs. it turns . Free Sample

composite wood products are made with reclaimed wood that would otherwise go into landfills. we keep over 49 million kilograms of wood waste out of landfills every year! this composite scrap product is reclaimed and put back into our manufacturing process; our excellent, environmentally friendly decking . Free Sample

comparing composite decking and timber decking for your decking needs. safer. with eco-friendly composite decking, be safe in the knowledge your deck is anti slip and will never have splinters. it will never have nail heads sticking out ensuring that your children can run around it it without fear of hurting themselves. Free Sample