solar reflectance index embossing decking

mineral reflex white flexter testudo spunbond poliestere mineral . having high solar reflectance and very high thermal emissivity. mineral reflex . solar radiation, which also negatively affects the photovoltaic panels installed on them, whose performance decreases as the .. (defined as under ground, under deck, under roof or under a buil- ding). any roof used to . Free Sample

building designers and developers that are pursuing the heat island reduction credit for leed certification require documentation of the solar reflectance index (sri) for their project's roofing materials, shade giving structures, and paving materials. under the u.s. green building council's leed 2009 rating system, credits . Free Sample

concrete provides reflective surfaces with good solar reflective index (sri) that helps in urban heat island reduction.other options include placing a minimum of 50% of parking spaces undercover (such as underground, under deck, under roof, and under building); using an open-grid pavement system with more than . Free Sample

stainless steel architectural design solar reflective. index. stainless steel, bare. 27 (48 f). 39-60. galvanized steel, bare. 30 (55 f). 46. aluminum, bare. 27 (48 f). 56. any metal, white coating. 9 (16 f) . 1 plants in soil. 5 thermal insulation. 2 filter membrane. 6 vapor barrier. 3 drainage layer. 7 roof deck. 4 welded molybdenum-containing stainless steel . Free Sample

aerotiles are special developed ceramics tiles using advanced cvm (central vacuum matrix) technology designed for over deck / roof / terrace application , due to its ability to reflect solar heat i.e high solar reflectance index(sri) high upto 95. sri is also called albedo i.e reflecting power of a . Free Sample

ultraply™ tpo membrane - firestone technical database 5 apr 2017 . this reflective membrane is suitable for a variety of low-slope applications. method of application: 1. substrates must be clean, dry, smooth, and free of .. solar reflectance. 0.79 / 0.68. 0.61 / 0.55. 0.34 / 0.34. thermal emittance. 0.85 / 0.83. 0.81 / 0.84. 0.89 / 0.88. solar reflectance index (sri). 98 / 81. Free Sample

guidelines - riverclack embossing is a unique stucco pattern that, besides its aesthetic qualities, helps reduce .. the solar reflectance index sri is a measure of the constructed surface's ability to reflect solar heat, as shown. by a small rise ... of the straight panel packs is placed on one of the two decks. Free Sample

solar reflectance index - brickform from testing by ctl group 12-09 for brickform, a division of solomon colors. ctl group is an independent testing lab who conducted tests for brickform, a division of solomon colors, for colored release agents to measure solar reflectance in general accordance with astm c 1549-04 standard test method for . Free Sample