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for example, should you be nailing a permanently fixed floor on to floorboards and part of the rooms sub-floor is concrete, you would have to use an alternative method of fixing like the use of adhesive in that area. alternating fixing methods in a single room can be disastrous! floating wood floors are often . Free Sample

question i have purchased solid indonesian hardwood flooring (18mm kiln dried t g pre-finished planks designed for false floors) to install over an existing concrete slab. the instructions i have are for secret nailing to 38 mm joists, which would end up too high. i wish to glue it as a floating floor. ideally, i'd . Free Sample

if your subfloor is concrete, cover it with a wood or engineered wood subfloor first. laying down your floating flooring directly onto concrete is a no-no. for one, there's less insulation. also, the possibility of dampness, however small, is greater when there are fewer membranes between your concrete foundation and your . Free Sample

i have always loved hardwood floors and would like to have one in my dining room. i finally convinced my husband to install this, but i can't seem to find the information on how to install this over cement. a list of products needed and a simple how to guide would be wonderful. we have installed slate, ceramic, a paver patio . Free Sample

with dry concrete and the right subfloors and vapor retarders, solid hardwood floors can be installed on slabs that are either on-grade (at ground level) or . loosely lay a nailing surface of 3/4 4' x 8' exterior plywood panels over the entire area, leaving a 3/4 space at the wall line and 1/4 to 1/2 between panels. Free Sample

floating wood flooring can provide you with a simple installation and a beautiful floor at the same time. most people can install this type of hardwood flooring as long as they are willing to do a little bit of work. here are the basics of how to install floating hardwood floors over concrete. Free Sample

the quickest way to get new wood underfoot is to install a floating floor. unlike traditional solid-wood strips, a floating floor isn't nailed down. instead, the planks are either glued or snapped together. the planks go down fast, over virtually any material—concrete, plywood, sheet vinyl, even ceramic tile. there are several . Free Sample

to install a floating floor diy you'll need to buy a floor laying installation kit, $25, underlay, $45, duct tape, $5, and the floorboards. to lay 20sqm of flooring at about $30 per sqm will cost about $670. tip if laying a floating floor over a new slab leave it for one month per 25mm thickness to ensure the concrete has completely . Free Sample

easy to read instructions on how to install glueless floating hardwood flooring.apa approved 5/8″ minimum thickness, preferred 3/4″ or thicker exterior grade plywood, 16″ on center 2″x10″ joists. note: when . concrete slab- jasper engineered click wood flooring products can be installed on all grade levels. Free Sample

it's so easy to install that you can lay a beautiful, yet durable hardwood floor in a weekend—no messy glue and no heavy nailing.even though some manufacturers allow it, professional installers we spoke to advised against installing floating floors in kitchens, full or three-quarter baths, or entryways, all areas where they . Free Sample

it is important to test moisture vapor transmission and alkalinity of a concrete slab before installing flooring. vaporgauge.com. a nice feature of tongue-and-groove engineered wood floors is that you can choose how you want to install the flooring. it may be installed non-floating, i.e., directly to the . Free Sample

one problem with wood over concrete is if the floor isn't even you get hollow spots and makes sounds when walking on it with leather shoes. ... we had just done an outdoor patio project so the glass windows and sliding doors were all that separated one room from the other so it really flows well and so . Free Sample