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to tackle the issue, the country has erected a 110-mile long, 4ft-high razor wire fence along its border. but who is it . this week, hungary completed construction of the first stage of the wire fence at its border. the second stage . refugees burn wood in the disused factory known as 'the jungle' in serbia. Free Sample

with hungary sealing its southern frontiers as a response to over 200,000 migrants passing through its territory and the installation of temporary border controls in germany, at its most basic, a wall, border or even a basic picket fence psychologically makes people feel safer—whether or not it does in fact. Free Sample

on the hungarian side, beyond a second fence, were hundreds of police officers, some with protective shields and full riot gear, others in crisp uniforms . grabbing piles of wood and bits of trash, a few dozen migrants responded by building small fires in the road and surrounding fields, the acrid smell of . Free Sample

szeged, hungary - july 16: a hungarian soldier stands next to the first portion of a temporary fence the hungarian military is erecting on its border to serbia in an effort to keep out refugees on july 16, 2015 at morahalom near szeged, hungary. hungary has become one of the main crossing points, . Free Sample

road trip 2016: on the border between serbia and hungary, tech takes on two meanings depending which side of the fence you're on.they save up to buy phones if they don't already have one so they can find their way on their long journey, discover support services using social media and access . Free Sample

prime minister viktor orban says a new fence is already being built on the croatian border to stem the migrant pressure. croatia has closed its border with serbia after being deluged with refugees over the past few days. Free Sample

the majid group joined a ragged procession of other migrants walking along the wooden slats, an old woman limping along behind everyone else, stopping only to pick . unlike greece, macedonia and serbia, which basically waved the migrants over their borders, hungary had been building a fence, closing its border and . Free Sample

in 2015, hungary built a border barrier on its border with serbia and croatia. the fence was constructed during the european migrant crisis (see timeline), with the aim to ensure border security by preventing immigrants from entering illegally, and enabling the option to enter through official checkpoints and claim asylum in . Free Sample

hungary plans a 4 metre-high fence along 110-mile border with serbia to stop migrants on balkan land route, making an already perilous journey even harder.a group of syrian migrants make their way through the woods hugging a river outside of kanjiza, serbia. photograph: sima diab for the . Free Sample