plastic roof decking pavers

on this project, we weren't concerned about drainage because the pavers were installed on an elevated deck. but the plastic grids can also be set on a flat epdm or torch-down roof, with a slope of between 1/8 inch and 1/2 inch per footwith a couple of caveats. first, the roof deck must be reasonably flat. Free Sample

decking tiles are precision made tile modules securely attached to a plastic grid base. the plastic base is constructed with inbuilt connecting tabs which enables the til h18. Free Sample

plastics are used, a 500 square foot skypaver rooftop reuses 250 truck tires and 7,500 plastic gallon jugs. no other rooftop paver product . skypaver composite roof pavers work well in multiple applications including plaza decks, green roof walkways and roof walkways. they combine beauty and . Free Sample

decks, terraces, walkways and other accessible roof areas. skypaver composite roof pavers can . made from 95 percent post-consumer recycled tires and plastics, skypaver composite roof pavers are lightweight and easy to install. skypaver's patented, interlock . Free Sample

paver levelling which is interchangeable with three varying . fully adjustable provides a flexible method of uniformly supporting paving, easily overcoming the differences in height and falls in the roof deck to produce a . Free Sample

roof tops, patios and balconies, the. tiles can be laid directly on the ground for temporary or permanent yard patios. tiles come in. (23 x 23 x 1-1/2) and stand 1.5 above the applied surface. our other products include plastic pallets, which are also manufactured . Free Sample

available in several different styles, these roof and decking tiles provide both safety and comfort, and offer excellent durability. rooftop deck flooring is available in several options, including faux grass, heavy duty rubber tiles, or plastic flow-through tiles that allow for excellent drainage on roof decking . Free Sample

decking damage the waterproof membrane on the roof top?' all our interlocking decking tiles have a large number of 'feet' on the underside of the integreted plastic base. these 'feet' distribute any load evenly over the surface below, so under normal circumstances with typical waterproofing . Free Sample

deck pavers which provide strength, beauty and versatility, and by combining recycled materials with cutting-edge technology . to date, azek paver manufacturing is responsible for keeping more than 1.4 million truck tires and more than 42 million plastic containers out of u.s. landfills. Free Sample

pavers deck tiles by tile tech, provide leveling, drainage, durability protection from harsh weather conditions on all roof decks and plaza . our patented hybrid pedestal system allow for a innovative self leveling, single model for all height applications, screw adjustable, pvc pipe adjustable and are stack-able. Free Sample