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most popular fence types chosen by homeowners today . ofonly mild detergent and a hose are needed for cleaning. durable and often backed by warranty, composite fencing is assembled, not with special brackets, but with traditional fasteners. another pro: composite fencing . Free Sample

durable and can match any design you have. an aluminum fence offers much of the same beauty as wrought iron, but is more economical while needing less upkeep. both types make for an excellent backyard fence and will prevent intruders and unwanted guests from . Free Sample

fence, you need to consider everything from style to function to how much maintenance it'll require . safety fence: to create a dog run, enclose a pool area, or deter wildlife from trespassing on your propertywithout changing the viewthe most durable option is a . (note: these are ballpark prices. Free Sample

very expensive - in most cases, wrought iron is the most expensive material to use for fencing purposes. chain link fence. benefits. inexpensive - while it's not as cheap as wood, chain link is relatively inexpensive. it provides the most value for its price. durable - though it's not as durable as steel . Free Sample

most durable fencing types. it easily withstands abuse, but it may be susceptible to rust in certain environments. chain link is one of the most affordable fencing types. since it's made for function instead of form, it's great for delineating property lines or keeping in pets, but it doesn't make for a particularly . Free Sample

cheaper but have imperfections and knots that tarnish the look of your fence and make it . the most expensive choices are clear and premium grade woods, which have a uniform appearance, are the most durable and of the highest quality. Free Sample