flooring suitable for unheated winter cottage

i'm contacting a small summer cottage (20 x 38), one floor above a walkout basement. planning to leave this unheated during the winter, except the occasional weekend , Free Sample

hello, does anyone have any experience or recommendations for flooring for kitchen and bath spaces in a cottage that will be unheated for most of the winter? we are , Free Sample

yes, you certainly can install solid wood flooring in an unheated cottage. in fact, lack of heat in the winter is actually a benefit when it comes to solid wood. Free Sample

in general, what can happen if i leave my home unheated in the winter? sounds like the green thing to do at first blush, zone 6. lots of passive solar windows on , Free Sample

flooring suggestions in an unheated cottage? welcome, guest. please login or register. did , maybe after the winter and the vinyl will stay put for the winter , Free Sample

the small cabins will be unheated for the winter , although only about 6months old at the new cottage,i did the main floor in my cabin with click together , Free Sample

is it normal for vinyl flooring to lift after a few years inside a cottage that is not heated in winter , vinyl flooring good for unheated , flooring for unheated , Free Sample

we have a cottage that is closed up all winter in new york state, and want to put new flooring down,but not anything that will not tolerate the extremes in temps. it , Free Sample

flooring install in unheated cottage all , another flooring suitable for three-season , out in the spring and roll up and store in the cottage during the winter. Free Sample

cabin flooring advice? , in the winter it is extremely , i have seen your office image as per my point of view rubber rug is a perfect solution for your office , Free Sample

author topic: flooring, in unheated cabins (read 18653 times) , thankfully we'll have all winter to think on this because we won't do the floor til next year, , Free Sample

unheated cottages can have solid wood flooring. a homeowner who has an unheated cottage wrote in to ask me if it would be possible to install solid wood flooring. Free Sample

tina wants to install pine flooring in an unheated cottage. different lumber yards were talking about curing the pine for as much as a year before installing it. Free Sample

my question is as our cottage in not heated in the winter , want to install engineered hardwood in an , want to install engineered hardwood in an unheated , Free Sample

my cottage is unheated during the winter months and my question deals whether or not solid wood flooring is a very good idea , wood flooring in an unheated cottage. Free Sample