the best tongue and groove floor decking

tongue and groove deck boards for a screened in back deck. they want the floor to be bug tight as well. i am familiar with the tongue and groove boards like the azek 3 inch boards that often get used on porches. but i have . there needs to be good ventilation below the floor boards. Free Sample

article about installing tongue-and-groove flooring on a porch . flooring. some people use pressure treated radius-edged decking for porch repairs on old houses, but that material is anything but authentic . as this photo shows, this approach keeps the nail gun above the surface, which is not good. Free Sample

flooring on a porch . the deck boards themselves are tongue and groove planks, but they also have to be pre-drilled on the tongue side before each is secured with long stainless steel . and that's a good thing, because there are a lot of holes to drill and a lot of screws to drive. Free Sample

decking is not always the best porch decking material. wood . the wood that was installed on many of the old porches, and the ones i built, had a tongue and groove profile . this minimizes or eliminates sag or bounce when you walk on the wood in between the floor joists that support the porch decking. Free Sample

tongue and groove decking is one of the easier types of decking to install . installing the decking itself is the easier part of the job, especially if it is tongue and groove decking already designed for the purpose . when you come to an obstruction, it is best to start cutting the wood as required when you come to it. this way . Free Sample

tongue-and-groove decking boards is similar to installing interior flooring boards, there are some key differences. you probably won't have . the mallet that comes with a flooring nailer -- which is a good tool to use for the bulk of the installation -- is ideal for this purpose. be sure the ends of the . Free Sample