how deep should a seat be on a bench

a window seat made of a shelf-style bench , wardrobe units for hanging clothes are about 2 feet deep, so here it's best to recess the seat , all about window seats. Free Sample

have a seat: movable chairs or benches? dec 31 , by project for public spaces. help people to get out of the seat, and to divide a bench so that more people , Free Sample

the seat height should be between 1'-5" to 1'7" off the floor the seat should slope back and down 1-1/2" per foot away from the table, so if you build the seat 18" deep, the back would be 2 1/4" lower at the back. the overall height including the back should be between 3' and 3'-6" tall. Free Sample

how deep should i seat my primers. 0. and the primer may not go off-too much energy is absorbed in seating the primer deeper. too deep,the reloading bench blog; Free Sample

17-19" high, and 12-16" deep, depending on your height and how much you plan to sit on it. many people will have the bench just for putting bottles on and so that the women who use it can hike their legs up to shave. but some will use it to actually sit, and for those people, you might prefer it to be closer to the 16" depth. Free Sample

a standard bench would be more like 16"-18" deep. i'm not sure how much room you have in your mud room, but you could have the upper section at around 10" or 12" and then have your bench at 16"-18" so you would still have a similar look and functionality. Free Sample

what is the recommended dining bench depth? by jani no heart jani no heart 2010-11-28 what is the recommended dining bench depth? , regarding seat depth, , Free Sample

recommended depth for a shower seat. a shower seat can make bathing a more comfortable experience. the seat should be deep enough for the user to sit comfortably, , Free Sample

the blog cabin window bench was 47" wide, 20" deep and 20" tall to conform to the small nook. it was decided to cover the sides with a 1/4" x 4" t g beadboard, finish the bottom with matching baseboard, trim the corners with corner trim and trim the top plywood edge with 1/4" x 3/4" edge trim. Free Sample

dimensions measure the width of the bench's seat. measure the depth of the bench's seat. thickness decide the cushion thickness you would like. bench cushions and pads are available 2-8 inches thick (in 1-inch increments), depending on the type of cushion or pad you select. Free Sample

standard height and width for bench on , considered is the height of the seat should be 12 , but seat is 3-boards deep. i have a jig for every cut so it , Free Sample