using deckboard for edging

the smooth face of q-deck cambridge decking or multi-purpose material is particularly good for use as fascias. consider using q-grip slip resistant decking or q-grip strips™ in conjunction with q-deck york/canterbury/lunawood hidden fix boards to give a border/lead edge with enhanced grip characteristics. Free Sample

fixing down timber deck boards. fix the boards down securely with two fixings per joist. screws will provide a more secure fixing than nails. to avoid the potential for the timber to split: a. position the fixing at least15mm from end of deck board. b. position the fixing at least 20mm from the edge of the deck board. Free Sample

rope fences make great edging, without breaking the view of the landscape like a traditional wood panel fence. they give the illusion of separation while keeping the flow and fluidity of your garden. use along staircases or around the perimeter of upper level decking as a simple understated protective . Free Sample

decking lumber is used as ground level edging against a manicured lawn. decks are an . eco-friendly: lovely hgtv garden design ideas with small backyard landscape ideas also wooden deck plans, home designs ideas, green house gardens .. use interesting edging: edging gives your garden a crisp, clean look. Free Sample

my first choice would be to see if you can get a wider deck board (~7.25& ) and then rip that to the appropriate width. if it's the first board above the stairs, expect it to see a lot of traffic. of the two you mention, i'd go with option a. i would join the two pieces together, rather than leave a gap (because there's not . Free Sample

to mark a cutting line, set one edge of a framing square flush with the rim joist at the end of the deck, push it up high enough to read the measurements off the other edge and mark the proper overhang on the deck board (1-1/2 inches, in this case). snap a chalkline from that mark down to the ends of the cut boards along the . Free Sample

on a deck with a single picture frame, the joist supporting the ends of the field boards is a lot closer to the deck's edge joist. assuming a 5 1/2-inch deck board, 1 1/2 inches for the deck's edge joist, a 3/4-inch skirtboard, and a 1 1/4-inch overhang, you're left with only 1 1/4 inches between the rim joist and . Free Sample

like our decking boards, balcony systems composite decking textures and finishes include edgings and fascias that combine the beauty and feel of natural wood with added toughness, durability, and fire-retardant and anti-slip properties. composite decking decking edging and fascias perfectly match or blend with the . Free Sample

some decking installations require both grooved and ungrooved boards. for example, if you decide to picture-frame your deck, you might use non-grooved boards for most of the job, but frame it with grooved boards to produce a finished, square-edge result. your choice of composite decking should reflect your personal . Free Sample

if you use the cadimage coverings tool to create a timber deck, you'll notice that the edges are left unfinished (like in the image below). this lets you choose which (if any) edges have a finish. to apply an edge around a slab with decking applied you'll need to turn on the 'edge board' condition for each edge: 1. select the . Free Sample