boards for porch ceiling

“i have original beadboard on my porch ceiling and it's sagging in some areas. what is . chris, beadboard is one of the most common materials used for porch ceilings and eaves in old may have water damaged boards that have begun to sag from a leaky roof and these should be replaced. Free Sample

8 feb 2008 . question i recently attended a jlc workshop. the speaker made the comment that the worst thing you can do is nail porch ceiling boards directly to the framing. i thought, & oh boy, that's just what i did at my house. i'm looking for input on this because i'm about to put up edge and center bead on the exterior . Free Sample

next start by measuring the overall length and width of your porch to order materials. if you are running the ceiling in the short direction, divide the length of the porch by the width of each board. for example, if you have a 9′ deep porch 20′ long, you will need 46 rows at least 10′ long and the 10′ boards will be cut . Free Sample

prepare the area. snap a chalk line on the ceiling 5-1/2 away from the beginning wall running the width of the room. line the first row of boards up with the line, not the wall. this is to ensure that you get a straight beginning line. Free Sample

just a lil chop saw setup tip, if you setup your chop saw on a much longer 2x you can place a stop block at the desired length as early as a 2x at the same heght of the saw table and cut many boards much faster with out the need to measure each one and save you a bunch of time and each board will be . Free Sample

individual boards can also be shimmed with thin strips of wood to smooth out any unevenness in underlying ceiling joists. this can be done as you proceed, something that is very difficult to do with 4x8 sheet material. herringbone beadboard pattern herringbone pattern we used our own vintage woodworks beadboard on . Free Sample

depending on whether you use stain or paint, the ceiling can look formal or informal. how you install the tongue-and-groove pattern will affect the overall look. the porch shape will come into play, however. you might select running the boards lengthwise on a very long porch. but a porch with an unusual . Free Sample

step 1 // before you starting putting any boards up, you want to ensure that your strapping was all done correctly, that you have marked out where your lights are going to go, and all wiring is complete. for our porch, dan needed to add some 1×3 strapping to bridge the gaps where the electrical cutouts were . Free Sample

vinyl is a tempting option in an outdoor space because it won't rot or warp from exposure to moisture. i read some message boards where people complained that these looked “too plastic-y” but the deal killer for us was actually the price. these were about $1.79 per square foot, so they were nearly twice as . Free Sample

porch ceilings can make your porch stand out, add appeal, and be almost maintenance free. see what you could do with a vinyl ceiling for your porch that will make it look great for a long time. Free Sample