deck board puller tool

pulling tool, but since it's already in your hand, use it. ram the claw into the nail shank as close as possible to the wood and rock it sideways (photo 1). then repeat the process, pulling the nail about 1/2 in. each time. you develop terrific pulling power, enough to extract even those tough . Free Sample

pulling up deck boards; features a comfort grip handle; powder coated finish provides incredible durability . removal; deck wrecker causes only minimal damage to existing decking material, allowing you to re-use it if desired; deck wrecker's powder-coated finish makes the tool resistant to corrosion . Free Sample

it also has nail-pulling slots much like those on a roof shovel that are useful for quickly denailing joists during resurfacing projects. since the design of the tool requires that the user stand on the joists while prying up deck boards, we don't like to use it for board removal but we use it for everything . Free Sample

the back of the "f" has a striking face for pounding, and the handle end is a pry bar with nail-pulling slots making it a good all-around tool for demolition and construction. mike guertin is a builder and remodeler in east greenwich, r.i., and a siding, roofing, and deck specialist at hanley wood's jlc live. Free Sample

boards. its oversized striking surface allows easy penetration or can even be used as a sledge hammer. it has 3 slots to remove nails; 2 in the head are made to align perfectly with a 2 inch x 4 inch board (5.08 cm x 10.16 cm). this superior quality demolition tool is especially . Free Sample

pulling up decking boards with his "wrecker". he loves it, and thinks it's the best tool of this kind he's seen for removing old boards from a deck. with no reservations, my husband recommends this product! buying it from amazon was . Free Sample

product type. claw bar (9) decking tool (2) molding bar (2) nail plier (1) nail puller (10) pry bar (16) ripping bar (4) scraper bar (1) trim puller (1) wrecking bar (11) . Free Sample

innovative new tool removes boards faster, cleaner and with less effort. sparks, md (march 25, 2015) crescent, a leading hand tool brand from apex tool group, today announced its crescent bull bar, a powerful new professional demolition and renovation tool designed for deck board removal . Free Sample