preformed synthetic slate deck

composite patio deck ponds. incorporate the sight and sound of water to your garden, deck, patio or balcony. light weight and durable. can be used indoors or outdoors. never fades or chips. natural rock veneer. ages like real stone. integrated plant shelves. aquascape's aquatic patio planter makes it . Free Sample

installing a synthetic slate roof: how to cool downand amp upthe house's hot spot. a roof is one of the most . for example, when a roofer cuts the roof deck above an open attic space to install a ridge vent, pot vents or attic fan, all the dust and debris from the cut lands in the attic. no big deal if it's empty. Free Sample

slate color is weathered gray with black caulk lines. slate most closely resembles the classic look of weathered teak. slate is currently only available in pre-made mats based on templates. please contact us for more details! of course plasdeck synthetic decking is non-skid, environmentally friendly, looks great. Free Sample

storing the product: for proper installation, the slates need to be stored on the original pallet, on a flat surface. proper storage of the product at the jobsite is important. inspire slate should not be stored on roof decks in such a manner as to over-stress and/or damage the deck and supporting structure. Free Sample

composite slate is an innovative roofing prduct that simulates the appearance, texture and contours of traditional natural slate. it is a carefully engineered . acceptable wood decking materials are 3/8" thick plywood, 7/16" osb, 1" nominal tongue and groove wood planks, or 1" nominal thickness . Free Sample

synthetic slate roof will obtain the look of real slate, but with less maintenance. our materials simplify and speed up the synthetic slate roof installation process with preset nail zones and preformed hip and ridge shingles. choosing frederic roofing company's synthetic slate for your roof can . Free Sample

deck. inspect the rafters and sheathing for moisture staining. test probes, involving re- moval of selected slates to expose the substrate, can be . prioritizing repairs and. synthetic slate. shingle roofing: when is it a viable option? why synthetic slate? because natural slate roofs can last up to 100 years or . Free Sample

performed from a distance to achieve a desired result. provide a minimum of 3/8 . decking. ply gem roofing engineered slate should be applied over solid sheathing only. sheathing may consist of composite board panels, such as 7/16 oriented strand board or plywood at a minimum. Free Sample

using the proper type of wood for the roof deck is key to a long-lasting synthetic slate or authentic slate roof installation. ideally, you should only use 3/4- to 1 . a good way to determine whether a slate roof installation was performed correctly is to look at the headlap. slate roofs are installed in courses. Free Sample

plastic. fastener recommendations. slates . movement of the roof deck and expansion/contraction of the slate (although thermal expansion is highly unlikely in european climates). laying out ┬Ż slates or . Free Sample

tile. slate and marble are popular types of stone flooring that requires polishing and sealing. stone aggregates, like terrazzo, can also be used instead of cut stone and are available as either preformed tiles or to be constructed in-place using a cement binder. Free Sample