how to repair tongue and groove decking

the author includes a clause in his contract to fix such hidden conditions on a time and materials basis. any questionable joists — those with rot or major structural defects — i replace. this is particularly important when the framing will be covered with royal's deck lok tongue-and-groove decking. Free Sample

apr 7, 2014 , disadvantages to this type of decking are hard to find because it is such a great product. that being said, there is one major problem associated with tongue and groove, and that is the difficultly of repairing an individual plank if you find the need to do so. because the planks are interconnected, removal of a, Free Sample

smarturemodeling's shared video file. if you have an old house with a front porch with a wood floor. you will want to view this video. how to replace wood flooring. it gives tips how to remove and how to install. category. howto style. license. standard youtube license. show more. show less. loading. Free Sample

tongue and groove floorboards were most often milled from softwoods. kauri pine, baltic pine, oregon pine and other pines are commonly seen as flooring material. the use of the tongue and groove improved the ability of the floor to resist movement caused by moisture change which could lead to warping. additionally, Free Sample

set the cutting depth of a circular saw to the thickness of one of the porch flooring boards. cut two lengthwise lines through one of the , if you're replacing tongue-and-groove boards, you have to cut the bottoms of the grooves off the boards that go in the last row with a tablesaw. you then drop the boards into the space and, Free Sample

feb 11, 2011 , piecemeal repairs often make do for decades, but eventually porches must be replaced. when this , ted arrived to find a porch with rotten tongue-and-groove decking, disintegrating steps, falling-off balusters, columns compressed into the floor, and a distinct lean to the whole structure, including the roof. Free Sample

the ends of tongue and groove porch floor boards are typically the areas in which deterioration occurs first. source: bob yapp. most historic porches have 3-1/4-inch wide x ¾-inch thick tongue and grooved fir or pine flooring. fir was used most often because it was harvested from old growth trees and therefore was more rot, Free Sample

the tongue-and-groove system interlocks the planks to keep the floorboards in place. because there's a tongue on one side of each board, you'll likely need to remove the tongue on the replacement plank in order for it to fit with the existing flooring. related article. hand scraping is a contemporary wood, Free Sample

from tongue in groove decking to traditional pine to exotic woods - you have many choices. i am partial to wood floors, especially tongue and groove decking, because i love woodworking. it's rot resistance is one of its best features, so much so, that mahogany was used in boat making until replace by fiberglass. Free Sample