how many deck boards do i nees

how much decking you will need? just use our simple vintage deck calculator below to get an idea of how many plastic decking boards your project requires. as well as the boards themselves, you will also need our stainless steel starter clips and stainless steel concealed clips . Free Sample

amount of mets├Ą wood decking, cladding or flooring for your project. tools include: the decking calculator tool which helps calculate how many deck boards you require for our range of decking. this includes: softwood . Free Sample

board and 5mm gap for expansion and contraction) , any decks over the 5.4m long that are required are given in 4.8m lengths so there is as little joins as possible. all screws are supplies. handrails: handrails are calculated with the newel posts at 2m centres. you will need to add one newel posts for every . Free Sample

to save yourself many trips back and forth to the hardware store, use the size of your deck to calculate the number of screws you will need . calculate how many deck board are required . calculate the number of screws estimated: two screw per joist x number of joists x number of deck boards. for this . Free Sample

first you need to work out your square meters. you do this by taking the length and width of your decking and times them by each other. say your decking is 6m x 4m = 24m2. to find out how many lineal meters you need, take your square meters and divide it by the width of the decking boards. if you are . Free Sample

how much material is needed for your project is crucial in the planning stage . can get from this calculator: estimated pieces of deck boards needed in different lengths; estimated number of fasteners needed; estimated number of joists needed; estimated number fascia boards needed. Free Sample