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libyan version of meals-ready-to-eat, cooked by neighborhood women for fighters in both the western mountains and the city of misrata. kitchens across . as abbazi told me the story, she showed me the marks on the wooden door left by a soldier's rifle butt. the troops fired . Free Sample

the policy has raised an outcry among some in the libyan security forces and activists dealing with migrants, who warn that it enriches militias, enabling them to buy more weapons and become more powerful. in the country's chaos, the militias can at any time go back to trafficking or turn against the . Free Sample

the couple reached tripoli on april 3, phoned a libyan whose number he had been given, and were taken to a so-called connection house a warehouse where migrants wait for their boats in the port city of zuwarah, about 60 km east of the tunisian border. he paid the equivalent of $2,100 to buy . Free Sample

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a u.n panel of experts on libya later confirmed that two officers from a coast guard faction were involved. in may, the libyan coast guard . the coast guard officers threatened migrants with weapons, took command of their wooden boat and took it back to libya, amnesty reported. amnesty is not alone in its . Free Sample

but in five years, he has made enough money to buy a five-bedroom home and a convenience store. now, he is expanding . migrants rested beneath a wooden shelter in the compound where they were briefly staying in agadez on sunday . many are crowned by solar panels and satellite dishes. camels . Free Sample

libya including msw, isw (industrial solid waste), and hsw . the results show that organic matter represents 59% of waste, followed by papercardboard 12%, plastic 8%, miscellaneous 8%, metals 7%, glass 4%, and wood 2%. Free Sample

west african migrants are being bought and sold openly in modern-day slave markets in libya, survivors have told a un agency helping them return home . if the number of migrants goes down, because of death or someone is ransomed, the kidnappers just go to the market and buy one, manente said. Free Sample

members of the eu-backed libyan coastguard have allegedly opened fire while forcing refugees back to the war-torn country in the latest clash with . more than 30 asylum seekers drowned on wednesday after a wooden boat packed with hundreds of migrants suddenly listed, throwing them into the water. Free Sample

and they have ventured onto foreign markets to buy items of high utility but limited supply locally, including optical scopes for fn fal rifles, which have become the sniper-rifle-of-choice. a homemade 57-millimeter rocket launcher in misurata, libya. as the war nears the end of its fourth month, the rebels' . Free Sample

we were cheap soldiers, one of these veterans told the author. some had joined expecting that qaddafi would help empower them back home in mali and niger. the libyan dictator certainly encouraged this belief, hosting tuareg insurgents in libya for so-called congress meetings and, in 1980, setting . Free Sample

libya flag (with clipping path) stock photo egyptian girl and libyan flag stock photo public protest against libyan problems in liverpool stock photo two waving flags of libya stock photo football in flames with flag of libya stock photo libyan flag on a wooden panel with . Free Sample

libya's coastal cities are making up to 325m (£272m) in revenue each year from people smuggling, the commander of a eu military task force in the . refugees jump into the water from a crowded wooden boat as they are helped during a rescue operation in the mediterranean sea, around 13 miles (20 . Free Sample

the eu naval mission to tackle people smuggling in the central mediterranean is failing to achieve its aims, a british parliamentary committee says. in a report, the house of lords eu committee says operation sophia does not "in any meaningful way" disrupt smugglers' boats. the destruction of wooden . Free Sample