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also, engineered flooring (excluding the newer click lock flooring) can be direct glued-down over (dry) concrete slabs above or below grade or stapled down over a wood subfloor. quality engineered hardwood flooring has the same resale value as 3/4 solid wood flooring, if you ever decide to sell your home. take a look . Free Sample

7 may 2015 . here are seven benefits of eco wood composite decking. 1) easy to maintain. as quality eco wood composite decking are produced from high quality flooring manufacturers with well equipped technologies, eco wood composite decking is highly easy to clean and maintain. all the home owners need to do . Free Sample

our solid hardwood flooring is constructed with 100% hardwood and each plank is a single solid piece. at armstrong flooring, we source all of our solid hardwood in the usa to support american workers and their fine craftsmanship, and ensure the highest possible quality. our primary source for wood is the appalachian . Free Sample

if you're an architectural purist in the midst of renovating a vintage home, you may balk at the idea of installing what is effectively a composite wood product . higher-end, best quality engineered hardwood that has a good 2-6 mm thick top veneer layer that can be sanded and refinished over time (similar to solid wood) and . Free Sample

how often you'll be able to do this will depend on the thickness of the lamella or top layer, but you can safely assume that with most quality engineered wood floors you can have your floor looking brand new at least 3 or 4 times during it's life. this simply isn't possible with laminate flooring. choice. suffice to . Free Sample

wood composite has real wood fibers but is primarily man-made, so you want a high-quality composite that has been treated to withstand outdoor weather and temperature fluctuations.select stone flooring if you plan to accessorize your porch with additions that aren't suited for wood composite. for example, if you plan . Free Sample

the maintenance is negligible. other benefits of using composite wood flooring: using composite wood is great to enhance the overall appeal of the office or house as it has so many amazing features. the quality of the wood is extremely good and it comes in various designs, sizes and patterns to meet the unique needs of . Free Sample

this photo shows a cross section of a high-quality, engineered wood floor. they range in thickness from 3/8” to 3/4” (that's approximately 1 cm to 2 cm). the top layer is a veneer of the desired wood; the thicker that veneer is, the more expensive the floor will be. when this top veneer is very thin (.6mm or so) . Free Sample

high-quality engineered floors (thick veneers, quality substrate) will usually cost somewhere between $8 and $12 per square foot. how much extra money this costs and whether cheaper installation offsets this price often depends on the type of wood you're choosing. with an exotic or even highly-coveted hardwood, such . Free Sample