molded plastic anti slip floor

coba black vinyl anti-slip mat with studded surface finish. rs stock no. 325-564. mfr. part no.cds010001v. brandcoba. compare. £178.90. each. add. mat, vinyl, -, studded, -, 2mm, -, 1, black, 10m, 1.2m. new. rocol black plastic anti-slip flooring tile. rs stock no. 711-306. mfr. part no.43535. Free Sample

tile edging trims are the long molded plastic strips that have 2.2 to 2.4m length. there are different depth and colors that are available in the market. the variety of depth is very much useful in the sense that it can accommodate various multitudes of tiles. light pastel or white color is most commonly used . Free Sample

moulded grating, often referred to as grp (glass reinforced plastic) or frp (fibre reinforced plastic) . they can be installed directly onto existing flooring to create a slip resistant work area or raised using adjustable feet to allow drainage of liquids. Free Sample

anti-slip floor mats that are perfect for providing safety in wet or dry conditions. the primary feature about anti-slip floor mats is that they increase the safety of wet areas! Free Sample

slip safety floor mats. non-slip floor mats provide assistance in stabilizing the feet while standing and sitting, transferring to or from a wheelchair and getting in and out of bed. Free Sample

anti slip surface that can be applied directly over bare fiberglass, boat carpet or plywood. be safe and comfortable on the water with duragrid® slip resistant marine boat flooring. easy to clean surface, just hose off. superior drainage. manufactured with vinzyne sb-1 anti-microbial preventing mold mildew and odor . Free Sample

plastic garden path floor tiles lawn paving walkway patio tiles new. £7.95; buy it now . construct an instant weatherproof non-slip path, walkway or patio in your garden or vegetable plot in seconds. a walkway . paving slab concrete mold garden floor tile mould driveway pavement maker brick. £17.99. Free Sample

floor sheet range has an option for all applications and substrates. fibregrid offer two types of anti slip flat sheets - fibreglass (glass reinforced plastic or grp) anti slip floor sheets, or self adhesive anti slip flat sheets. slipgrip flat sheets are the most durable . Free Sample

anti-slip flooring is manufactured from grp (glass reinforced plastic), with a composite non-corrosive anti-slip surface. it is designed to offer an effective anti-slip solution to hazardous steps, platforms and walkways. it can be manufactured to be chemically resistant or flame retardant to your specific needs / environment . Free Sample

plastic molds for concrete slabs paving california anti-slip for paving plaster stone tile slabs california anti slip hard abs. set of 4 plastic drainage channel concrete paving mould slab floor tile | ebay . Free Sample

floor sheets safety solution. made from hardwearing and durable glass reinforced plastic, non-slip floor sheets, also known as grp plates have a highly effective gritted anti-slip safety surface, are long lasting, quick to install and a cost effective solution to improving safety in potential slip hazard areas. for interior . Free Sample

plastic flooring tiles for indoor or outdoor floors, floating boat docks and decks. a water-proof tile for locker room floors, aerobics and . decking tiles for swimming pool cwf's flooring, inc. boat dock tiles, swimming pool and outdoor decking tiles are water-proof, anti-slip equally as attractive as indoor tiles. Free Sample

moulded grating for longevity and corrosion resistance in industrial applications fibregrate grating is available in a full range of types of thickness to suit client applications. fibregrate grating brochure.pdf (735 kb) what is fibragate grating? Free Sample

molded gratings . welcome to hr fibreglass, one of the uk's leading suppliers of grp gratings, platforms, drainage covers and grp flooring . addition of carbon and silicon grit to the top surface of our glass reinforced plastic, our grp flooring and grp gratings take on an extremely hard-wearing anti-slip surface . Free Sample

slip plastic coated eating utensils assist users with low grip, and other applications add anchoring to transfer mats, table tops, and exercise equipment . although each pad is intended for use on standard-sized cafeteria trays, they can be used on any flat surface, including on the floor for extra traction during transfers. Free Sample

plastic gratings, sometimes referred to as fibreglass gratings (frp gratings), are a versatile, cost effective and durable anti-slip solution for floors and walkways. as a leading supplier of anti-slip solutions, we offer grp square moulded open mesh, minimesh gratings and pultruded grating for a vast range uk . Free Sample