ecological reclaimed hardwood flooring

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reclaimed wood flooring has a look about it that reinforces that it has stood the test of time and has a story to tell. it is for these heritage reasons, as well as the obvious ecological reasons that reclaimed flooring is so sought after. but if you can't afford reclaimed flooring or can't find what you're looking for in . Free Sample

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environmental wood flooring from havwoods- greater use of wood products will stimulate the expansion of the forests and so reduce greenhouse gas emissions . every cubic metre of wood flooring contains 5kg of it; and even at the end of its life a wood product remains ecologically useful since it can be reused, recycled . Free Sample

wood can come from salvaged, reclaimed and recycled sources, or it can come from ecologically well managed forests and plantations. recycled wood. most recycled wood incorporates by-products of another manufacturing process (such as sawdust) and is referred to as pre-consumer or. post-industrial. Free Sample

wood can be a truly sustainable resource, but to realize that potential it must be sourced and produced responsibly. eco-friendly wood can come from salvaged, reclaimed and recycled sources, or it can come from ecologically well-managed forests and plantations. reclaimed wood frequently refers to the direct reuse of . Free Sample

recyclable: bamboo can be reclaimed from old construction projects and used in new installations to give a floor a weathered, aged look. biodegradable: bamboo is a natural material and in a landfill it will break down over time due to natural processes. erosion prevention: bamboo plants have particularly . Free Sample

reclaimed wood flooring hardwood and bamboo both offer viable and attractive option for home flooring. choose wood flooring in a variety of wood, from pine to cherry to oak and hickory. bamboo, a rapidly growing grass with woody stems, can be colored in different shades. both bamboo and hardwood . Free Sample

wood flooring imports have grown to become one of the largest uses of rainforest hardwoods in the us and are continuing to increase dramatically. there are hundreds of . even certified logging has not been shown to maintain the ecology and biodiversity of old growth rainforests. therefore we believe that only . Free Sample

environmental impact. reusing building materials has a distinct advantage over using newly manufactured materials because these reclaimed materials avoid greenhouse . Free Sample

typically, reclaimed wood is more expensive due to the extra labor required to retrieve the wood, clean it, re-mill if needed, and remove the nails that still may be embedded in the wood. but if you can afford the price, this is one of the most eco-friendly options available. it keeps the wood from rotting or . Free Sample

reclaimed wood flooring might be in the environmental practices of the company who is manufacturing the product. many companies producing reclaimed wood flooring and furniture are very aware of their ecological footprint and take the necessary steps to reduce them. this can be . Free Sample

in recent years we've come to learn to protect our world and there is less wood available for construction, so we've looked to the ecological equivalent to newly harvested wood reclaimed wood. reclaimed wood is a stylish and popular choice to decorate and enhance commercial premises and modern . Free Sample

wood which were once abundant and freely available are in very short supply. some, such as the american chestnut, are to all intents and purposes extinct and not available for commercial use from natural sources. however, there is an alternative supply of wood in the shape of reclaimed timber. Free Sample

wood floor?, types of eco friendly flooring, reclaimed wood floors, and buying environmentally friendly wood floors . there were also very real environmental considerations as wood was not seen as being as environmentally friendly as other alternatives. it was not just the wood that was the . Free Sample

wood flooring - the ecological case for choosing more timber for floors, walls and ceilings. learn about environmental wood flooring . every cubic metre of wood flooring contains 5kg of it; and even at the end of its life a wood product remains ecologically useful since it can be reused, recycled or used as a carbon-neutral. Free Sample

hardwood floors from new, reclaimed, and recycled wood. because our product is custom we can use a . we are dedicated to the practices that demonstrate ecologically sensitive business operations which minimize our impact on the environment. we are always looking at ways to . Free Sample