deep embossed deck finishing a wood floor

it's the world's most complete, in-depth and up-to-date source of wooden deck staining and deck finishing information on the internet today. if you really want to know .. deck stain sanders. drum floor sander (left) sands deck surfaces faster, but the pad sander (right) is easier to use without gouging wood. Free Sample

there are a great number of finishing options. natural wood stains range from light ash tone to deep, coffee-like colors. generally, lighter stains make a room feel less formal, and darker, richer stains suggest a stately atmosphere. as with lighter colors, lighter stains create a feeling of openness; darker stains foster a more . Free Sample

grit left on wood floors acts like sandpaper when walked on, and unclipped pet nails or unprotected furniture feet can scratch a finish considerably. at times, i've been able to recoat a slightly worn floor without sanding off all the old finish. but when a floor has lots of wear and deep scratches, it's best to sand . Free Sample

most prefinished flooring has beveled edges and ends, which protect the finish from chipping during installation and hide unevenness that would be sanded smooth on unfinished wood. when installed, the bevels form a small groove, some as deep as ⅛ inch; others have barely noticeable micro-bevels. keep in mind that . Free Sample

give new, vibrant life to old floors at a fraction of the cost of replacing or refinishing. while the green paint we tried first was nice, it wasn't the look we wanted. painting floors is not effortless, especially if the wood already has a finish on it. if you want the new paint to stick, there's a good bit of prep involved, and several steps: . Free Sample