gossen decking and complaint

in general, composite decking materials are dimensionally stable, resistant to the elements, and can be worked and installed more or less like wood decking. special ,. and there are enough technicalities and limitations that the manufacturer can always claim that you didn't follow some aspect of the installation instructions. Free Sample

we purchased this product because of the "great warranty" and low maintenance. i had the go big or go home attitude when i researched this product. my deck is just , (page 2) Free Sample

a photograph presented on the gossen website, apparently meant to highlight what a gossen pvc deck in use by consumers would look like, shows pvc furniture arranged on a typical gossen deck. according to a number of consumer complaints, placing pvc furniture on their decks has led to deck, Free Sample

29 may 2013 , they also take issues with its “scratch resistance” but do not elaborate on this. they also claim issues with it fading over time… interestingly they posted some photos showing some of these issues;. procell-decking-defects azek-quality-questioned. these two are taken from two different lawyers sites (see, Free Sample

i have 2 different problems with a deck that was finished with dark brown azek 5/4 x 6 deck boards. the decking is nailed to 2 x 4 ptl skid plates (laid flat) @ 16" o.c. that float on a rubber membrane. the membrane covers 3/4" plywood flooring that is supported by 2 x ptl floor joists. the location of the home, Free Sample

27 mar 2014 , complaints from massachusetts, new jersey, and illinois claim azek pvc decking is defective. the lawsuits have now been consolidated in a new jersey court. Free Sample

azek decks offers low upfront cost and reduced maintenance cost of other materials, granted that installation is taken care of by an experienced service provider like jay fencing. Free Sample