scrap material for wood in singapore

we help businesses and organisations in singapore reduce, reuse and recycle waste. we connect those who generate waste materials with those who want the materials, thus helping both parties save time and money while helping the environment. we believe that waste is not waste, but a potential resource for someone . Free Sample

what we do. we are supply chain managers and are responsible for managing the material and information flow to provide a high degree of supplier and customer satisfaction. more. icon1 . scrap metal is a recycling industry term and refers to pieces of metals that can be recycled. the trade of scrap metal reduces . Free Sample

save on disposal costs, contribute to the community, and help scrap divert over 250 tons of materials “too good to throw away” from landfills every year. because of your donations, scrap is able to supply useful materials to school teachers, nonprofits, parents, artists and others. individuals cleaning out your closets, . Free Sample

besides buying steel scrap from the singapore industrial sector, we also specialise in offering fully integrated services across our core business where we ship . Free Sample

material title: used wooden pallets. type: available. category: wood. quantity and frequency: 15 (one time). price: free. description: pallets to give away, in good condition. self-collection. contacts. name: felice / andrew. position: store admin. phone: +65 6327 3368. email: [email protected] share: email . Free Sample

to reduce waste and to protect the precious timber resources of the earth, lht has established the singapore's first wood waste recycling plant that produces high quality products that are consistent in color, texture and high density. the products are therefore ideal for furniture, building material and heavy-duty industrial . Free Sample

soon lee recycle specializes in collection and recycling of mainly all type of scraps metals such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, cables in singapore. Free Sample

tyres / rubber, scrap tyres / rubber are processed into rubber chips. the metals present in the tyres are extracted for further recycling. wood, wood wastes are processed into 'technical wood' which are used as materials for products such as tables, doors, flooring and building materials and new wooden pallets, crates . Free Sample

8 diy pallet projects for your home where to get pallets in singapore. apr 08 2014. our recent pop-up store at people's park complex was a cosy and affair, crafted out of discarded baka wood, wood pallets (lots of them) and wine crates.we had lots of people coming in to ask us if they could buy the pallets and . Free Sample

singapore, we specialize in the designing and building of wooden cases, wooden crates, wooden pallets, skids to fit all kinds of machinery and equipment. all wooden packaging material can be fumigated and/or ispm 15 heat treated and certified. Free Sample

you can sort the scrap suppliers and exporters in singapore based on trust marks, membership plans, verified member etc. by choosing the options from the drop down menu . we are supplier from hong kong for plastic material, and now supplying the company reject materials produces e.g. eps, pp, hdpe, ldpe, . Free Sample

company profile. we provide many services, to name a few: normal or vacuum packing, transportation and movers, project consultation, export packaging solutions, internal packaging materials, quality reusable systems, logistic services and more. read more . Free Sample

we specialized in collection, recycling recovery of used materials. and also providing packaging . 11 shipyard cres singapore 627736. kim hock corporation pte ltd is one of the leading singapore smes in the business of recycling trading of metal scrap. we also recycle wood waste with our in-house boiler plants. Free Sample

collection of non ferrous scrap. wafer scrap. cable scrap. pcb/bare board/ccl trim. electronic . singapore, singapore · refuservice pte ltd. we provide disposal service of many types of refuse materials such as industrial waste, unwanted . singapore, singapore · yls steel pte ltd (a member of union steel holdings . Free Sample

in singapore, about 1.69 million tonnes of construction debris was generated in 2013 and the recycling rate is 99%. construction and demolition (c d) waste is usually sorted for the recovery of materials such as wood, metal, paper and plastics, and processed into aggregates for use in construction . Free Sample

trading of metal products, machinery, iron and steel scrap for steel works, paper, textile waste,. singapore, singapore . one of the largest waste paper collecter and exporter in singapore. we supply various types . importers, exporters and dealers of all kinds scrap iron, building and ship building materials su. singapore . Free Sample

electrical contractors routinely create scrap metal products such as wire and cable, aluminum conduit, cable tray, copper pipe, and even switchgear on the jobsite, but they may not realize the value of these . you can even leave the wire on its spool because the machine will also separate the wood content from the wire. Free Sample

no.8 defu lane 12, singapore 539117. contact us: tel : (65) 6861 1713. here at first recycling, we understand that business . scrap disposal. in our commitment to business excellence, we constantly re-assess how we can better serve customer needs. this means ensuring quality control . [+]read more. product . Free Sample