garden enclosure designs

stockade-style fence. this stockade style fence is blue stained and features a diamond tipped design. it is the backdrop for a colorful perennial garden that blooms all summer. Free Sample

when i did the design for this project, i used as many full length boards as possible to reduce both cutting and waste. this plan is also designed so that it's easy to put the wire mesh on and the trim works both structurally and as sides for the interior raised bed areas. i'm so happy with how this project turned out and really got . Free Sample

how to fence animals from vegetable garden by jill potvin schoff. are you planning a garden and wish to incorporate the best fencing into your design? or do you have unidentified visitors wreaking havoc in your existing garden? we've scoured the web for the best garden fencing ideas to keep out garden pests. Free Sample

have you been out to your garden and checked on your vegetables and plants, only to find something has ate them, or has dug them up,well i know a lot of people that have me for one!, there is a simple way to stop those animals from eating and destroying your crop by building a secure garden bed enclosure. this project . Free Sample

this is ostensibly a how-to article about fencing in your backyard vegetable garden, but even if you were to follow these steps by the number, your fence would turn out different. as it should. it's your yard, and your fence, and i learned while building this one that a fence can have personality. my yard, for . Free Sample

well, i'm happy to report that the garden enclosure construction is now complete, and so far i've planted some onions, peas and mesculin lettuce blend in their new home. i was kind of in a quandary over how to best describe the building process, since it was sweet hubberman that did all the planning and . Free Sample