pvc strip curtains island

pvc strip curtain of both transparent and opaque visibility. air curtains are used in various applications like retaining chilled air inside the enclosure, reducing outdoor dust and fumes, to alienate insects and birds from the target area, isolating noisy machinery and toxic pollution and protecting from ultra-voilet . Free Sample

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pvc strip curtains , which is widely used in industries for keeping out the cold and hot air, hot air, dust, smoke, noise, harmful fumes, insect out of the place. further, these pvc sheets save power because as they do not contain electric drive. Free Sample

pvc strip curtain roll that comprise of a unique u.v. resistant grade of clear soft p.v.c. in strip form, that pvc strip curtains can be used in different industries like automobile industry, food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry and engineering industry. Free Sample

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pvc plastic strip curtain doors are ideal for maintaining an ambient temperature for your warehouse or coldstore, keeping out unwanted pests, restricting the movement of air pollutants or isolating noisy machinery. the strips of these doors are made of transparent or colored plastic in full or partial overlap, these strips . Free Sample

strip curtains are specially developed with use of pvc material, which offers a cost effective and a simple way to control temperature and humidity. these make an ideal choice for maintaining an ambient temperature of warehouse or cold store. moreover, these create real partition walls . Free Sample