water proofing ledger board

a quick clip of one of the most important steps in deck waterproofing: securing the perimeter with proper flashing installation. watch orange county's own pr. Free Sample

next mark the location of the bottom of the ledger board and install a small piece of z flashing. when i bolt the ledger board to the house, i like to install 3 or 4 flat washers between the house and the ledger to allow water and moisture to escape and not get trapped. i'd also like to point out that i prefer bolts to lag screws. Free Sample

easy to install peel and stick application; protects joists from wood rot damage due to water infiltration; creates a corrosion barrier between acq/ac2 treated lumber and non acq/ac2 approved metal surfaces; use of protecto deck flashing/anti-corrosion tape as a ledger board flashing eliminates moisture between the . Free Sample

in the second episode of our new series, jason lake shows you how to properly attach a ledger board when building a deck. jason is a contractor, host of deck. Free Sample

waterproof decks and solid balustrades are heavily represented in weathertight failure statistics and require significant skill to design and construct . a 12 mm gap between the first board and the face of the cladding is required to ensure that water does not pond against the cladding, as this could . Free Sample

pull corner at ledger and outside joist tight keeping entire length of trough smooth and wrinkle-free; place fourth staple on outside joist at ledger. to test for correct slope, pour cup of water on trough at ledger board ensuring water runs to downspout. continue stapling every 6” to 8” from ledger to downspout . Free Sample

even with a securely attached ledger board if there is even a small water leak, it's going to be very tough to make repairs. the ledger board can't be removed without . one area where it's important not to take a shortcut is the proper installation of water-proofing flashing. the amount of grief and expense even the smallest . Free Sample

you do not need water proofing in between the ledger and the rim joist, but the joint needs protected some how. flashing, roofing membrane, etc. and what ever it is needs to go under the siding and over the ledger in a continuous fashion with no seams at the ledger. tar paper is not enough. metal, epdm . Free Sample

our deck flashing tape is a flexible polyethylene waterproof wood flashing and barrier material made with a rubberized asphalt mastic adhesive. easily apply this durable, self-adhesive material as flashing to protect deck ledger boards against water. wrap in-ground wooden deck posts to provide a barrier against fungi and . Free Sample

then a separate ledger board is fastened to that (and by newer code, fastened with standoffs and also fastened to the house floor joists with tension ties to hold the deck to the house), with waterproofing between them so the deck assembly and water from the deck does not rot the rim / band joist. Free Sample

deckwrap is a self‐adhering waterproofing membrane that protects deck joists, house sheathing and leger board connections from water damage. this rubberized membrane is excellent as a seconday flashing defense when used in conjuction with other metal and pvc flashing ledger systems. the purpose of using . Free Sample