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plastic parts - tpo, pu, tpu or pvc - as well as textile or leather parts, even if backed with soft foam systems . in automotive dashboards for passenger and knee airbags; airbag covers in door trims and passenger modules; interior trim parts with integrated side and . Free Sample

plastic (cfrp) composite make laser processing very challenging. the heat affected zone (haz) has been the major obstacle for wide industry applications of laser machining of cfrp composites. this paper. Free Sample

the images from a confocal laser scanning microscope reveal the wear mechanisms of the four friction pairs during seawater lubrication. the results indicate that the worn surface of 9cr18mo exhibits corrosion together with scattered pitting, but the worn surface of 316l is smooth and uncorroded. the worn . Free Sample

laser punching. metal forming and welding. treatments and . fuselage bombardier crj/global/lear/dash 8, airbus. a340/a400m, nimrod, tristar. wing, tail and flights . plastics injection and compression moulding and access to composites capabilities as required, 40 injection machines with full tool . Free Sample

laser material processing of composite materials such as carbon fibre reinforced plastics (cfrp) for aerospace structures is generating a great deal of interest in the aerospace industry. the aerospace sector is seeing the potential benefits of laser processing over other machining technologies such as water jet or . Free Sample

this structure, however, is the basic problem with processing composites with lasers, as 1) each component has very different physical properties, and 2) . [18] s. katayama and y. kawahito, "laser joining carbon fiber-reinforced plastic to stainless steel," industrial laser solutions, 29, 4, 22-23 and 30 . Free Sample

plastics and polymer composite materials', held on 24 october 2002 at twi and published in the . air intake manifolds, fuel pumps, instrument panels, parcel shelves, inner door panels and for the hermetic sealing of air ducting to the internal surface of the dash . Free Sample

plastic workpieces can be cut quickly, precisely and cleanly with kuka co2 laser robots. find out more! . cutting: vehicle body components, such as a, b and c columns, roof coverings, dashboards, armrests. perforation: airbag covers, mirror covers, engine . laser gantry at polytec composites. fast, flexible and with . Free Sample

laser processing of fibre reinforced plastic composites. phd studentship between twi ltd and the experimental techniques centre at brunel. university. location: twi ltd (abington, cambridge) and brunel university (uxbridge, west london). duration: three years. start date: september/october 2014. project. Free Sample

plastic composites (wpcs) are a product class that has been developing over the last 40 years resulting in . 2011). sls utilises powders which melt at different temperatures and that are fused together by laser radiation . trims including in dashboards and doors (carus et al. 2015). in contrast to other fields, wpcs . Free Sample

laser trimming drs robotic laser cells use leading industry components. dynamic robotic solutions (drs), formerly known as kmt robotic solutions, is also a global leader in robotic water jet, router and knife trimming systems for trimming and cutting of metal, plastic, fiberglass or composite materials. drs has more . Free Sample

lightweight and exceedingly rigid abs plastic sheets are vacuum-formed at 320 degrees fahrenheit and the material is impregnated with a uv inhibiter that protects it from sun damage. accuracy is the key. a thermwood 5-axis cnc high-speed router consistently trims the dash panels to within 0.005-inch. Free Sample