fiberglass anti slip step cover uk

the integrated anti-slip surface drastically reduces potential accidents and the contrasting colour of the nosing increases employee awareness. the two types of fibreglass stair tread covers are manufactured in different ways: eurostep® is a hand lay-up composite stair tread cover, while ecostep® is manufactured using a, Free Sample

then, of course, there are the dangers of the cracks and cavities which appear over time in materials like stone and cement, particularly after the harsh winters we have experienced recently in the uk. the solution is slipgrip, a grp (fibreglass) anti-slip floor covering which is suitable for pedestrian, forklift and vehicle traffic, Free Sample

grp anti-slip stair treads can be manufactured to suit your step dimensions and require minimal maintenance once installed. they transform exhausted stairways giving them a new lease of life with an improved appearance and can also be applied to cover open areas of stairways, thereby preventing objects falling, Free Sample

details - fibreglass anti-slip step edges: maximum size of step edge - 3000mm x 55mm tread depth and a 55mm riser - nominal 3mm thickness. finish - external (coarse grade) or internal (medium grade) - please enquire about which grade to use: fibreglass anti slip step edge. designed to cover the step edge,, Free Sample

welcome to hr fibreglass, one of the uk's leading suppliers of grp gratings, platforms, drainage covers and grp flooring. increasingly used in food, water and waste industries due in part to cost, but also in the fact that grp flooring can be used as an anti-slip surface for walkways, production areas and stairwells too. Free Sample

edgegrip anti-slip stair nosing. advanced anti-slip characteristics provide high level safety on steps and stairs. fibreglass (grp) stair nosing incoporates extremecore™ ceramic grit which measures a high 9 on the mohs hardness scale, up to twice as durable as the standard quartz nosing and provides excellent grip, Free Sample

sui generis - high quality spill containment ibc bunds, anti-slip stair, floor grating, grp linings, coatings and mouldings manufactured delivered in the uk. Free Sample

grp safety offer fibreglass safety products for industrial applications including grp safety grating, anti slip stair tread covers and stair nosings also non slip decking. Free Sample

our grp anti-slip stair treads cover the entire stair tread. made of fibreglass and chemically bonded grit, they are extremely slip resistant and durable. Free Sample

as one of the uk's largest distributors of premium grade grp products, step on safety is the leading supplier of quartzgrip® anti slip range: decking strips, stair nosing, stair treads covers, grating industrial grp flooring. safeclamp® handrail system (the ultimate composite alternative to steel handrail systems), Free Sample

buy anti slip products at, the specialist for non slip tapes, grp strips and anti slip industrial paint. prevent slips and trips in your workplace. cover larger areas with our anti slip paint and coatings. we offer instant credit*, place your order today for 30 day payment terms. step safety products (17), Free Sample

nonslip ltd are specialist suppliers and manufacturers of non slip grp flooring panels, nonslip stair covers tactile surfaces and anti slip self adhesive tapes. our tapes are suitable for interior or exterior use and comprise a tough, resin bonded oxide grit on a heavy duty flexible backing. they are available in a variety of, Free Sample

in addition to the usual grating stair treads which have an inherently anti-slip surface, obtained by adding special silicon and quartz grains to the composition, eurograte stair treads and stair tread covers can make any type of stair practically anti-slip, following the creation of special safety nosings, available in yellow,, Free Sample

grp non-slip flooring. thousands of people every year suffer injury as a result of slips and trips, the vast majority being preventable. grp anti – slip flooring panels provide a quick, safe, effective solution to slippery pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas where slips and falls are a potential hazard. grp sheets and strips are, Free Sample

our anti slip stair treads and landing covers come in grp fibreglass, self-adhesive or screw down aluminium format and are in a range of sizes, grades and colours, depending on application. Free Sample