tongue and groove pine square foot prices

we currently have a large inventory of 6 and 8 tongue and groove knotty pine. we also have . if we have to open and split a pack to get your square footage, the price is $1.00 per sq ft. that means that if we have a pack of 1,700 sq ft, you would be paying a total of $1530 at $.90 per sq ft plus tax. pack sizes . Free Sample

tongue and groove, ship lapped, straightedged, etc . $5.00 to $7.00/ bd ft. interior wide pine grainery wood. $12.00/ sq. foot. weathered cypress as is (random thickness and widths). $5.00/ sq. foot as is to $7.00/ sq. foot with milling. Free Sample

tongue and groove flooring and so much more . all 5" face products don't come end matched. add in 15% for product waste. these items come in random sizes up to 8.5 feet tongue and groove. product, price . dimensions, type, by the linear foot, by the square foot . Free Sample

soft woods such as pine run about $3-$6 a square foot for the boards; adding nails/staples, baseboards/trim and other supplies, materials can be $1300-$2500 for diy . most solid wood flooring is tongue-in-groove, meaning the boards fit together before being nailed or stapled onto a plywood sub-floor. Free Sample

square foot. length: 16 foot, pattern style: wp4/116. wood species: pine or spruce, special features: kiln dried, reversible pattern, tongue grooved. moisture . Free Sample

pine is about as rustic as it gets. its warm, rustic appearance is sure to add character to any room. the tongue groove - blue buggy. $3.35/sq ft. prefinished add: $1.15/sq ft . Free Sample

pine paneling 1x6 pine ceiling - click for gallery. 1" yellow pine ceiling will make your home look its best. get your firm quote today! 1x6**; 3/4" thick; rustic knotty; d grade - few knotts; c grade - nearly clear; available in v groove and beaded. *ballpark* pricing rustic knotty = $1.29/sq. ft. d grade = $2.00/sq. ft. Free Sample

pine, smooth v-groove;view product. special price: $3.85/ square foot. 1x6 tongue and groove blue stain ponderosa pine is a perfect character grade paneling option for walls and ceilings. this is a reversible product with one v-groove, smooth face and a reverse face thad has a rough circle sawn . Free Sample

pine paneling 1x6 tongue groove clear finish georgia cabin. share page . understanding our prices: we price pine paneling by the square foot. our price is . if you know your square footage you can multiply it by the price below and have an idea what your finished pine paneling will cost you. Free Sample

square foot installed for pressure-treated southern yellow pine decks to more than $30 per square foot for . recommendations: typical choices are plain deck boards, like Coppola and choicedek, and shaped tongue-and-groove deck boards, like timbertech (which you . Free Sample

price sheet, cedar tongue groove, pine tongue groove, pine square stock, cedar square stock, mouldings, aspen square stock, milling of customer lumber, sanding . cedar square stock. $1745/mbf (thousand board feet). 1"x4"x8'', $4.64 ea. 1"x5"x8', $5.81 ea. 1"x6"x8', $6.98 ea. $1545/mbf (thousand . Free Sample

price for all three: $14.48. add to cart. this item: 1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. premium tongue and groove pattern whitewood board $5.42. 2 in. x 4 in. x 10 ft. standard and better kiln-dried heat treated spruce-pine-fir lumber $4.81. great stuff 16 oz . untreated premium lumber; square footage coverage: 3.33 sq. ft. using a . Free Sample

pine car siding. tongue and groove construction. some folks call it boxcar siding. it comes in 8', 10' and 12' random lengths. tight grain first quality siding for ceiling, walls, wainscotings. | ebay! Free Sample

tongue and groove (t g), bevel, dutch lap, cove, shiplap and channel rustic. the most popular dimensions for both . for pine, fir, spruce and b grade cedar, expect to pay $2.75-$3.75 per square foot ($275-$350 per square if sold in 100 sq. ft. bundles). for top-grade cedar and . Free Sample