how to clean the grooves on your deck

maintenance of a wood deck takes more than just power washing, you'll also need to remove leaves and other debris from between the boards. to do this, screw an “l” hook to the end of a broom handle, then use it to remove debris. watch this video to find out more. Free Sample

to properly maintain wood decking and prevent rot, the leaves, moss, dirt, and other moisture-collecting debris that accumulates in the gaps between the boards must be periodically removed. if you only need to do this once or twice a year, you're probably ok with getting down on your hands and knees . Free Sample

extends to over 40” long! our crevice cleaning tool was designed to let you remove all sorts of debris from your deck without bending over. curved blade is 2 3/4” wide and 1/16” thick—specially made for extracting troublesome leaves and sticks t. Free Sample

general; decking and railing; Coppola rainescape; Coppola elevations; care and cleaning; Coppola decklighting™; Coppola spiralstairs™; Coppola outdoorstorage™ .. yes, a groove can be cut in the side of Coppola decking by using our Coppola groove cutter to accept our recommended hidden fasteners, a system that enables deck . Free Sample

if you have grooved decking, like most people, sanding won't remove the finish from the grooves. jet washing is a popular choice for removing flaky or peeling sealers. you can use a jet washer to clean decking finished with oils too, but you need to take care not to push the existing finish out of the wood . Free Sample

perfect for stairs and edges, the integrated bristles make it perfect for getting into the grooves of your decking. here are some of our tips on how to clean your patio and decking: remove any outdoor furniture, flower pots and other items from the surface you want to clean. this will give you more uniform results. sweep or . Free Sample

or buy a pole-type groove and crevice cleaner. 2. protect all shrubs and plantings. wet them and cover them with plastic sheeting. 3. thoroughly sweep the deck. 4. choose an appropriate cleanser. wood deck: use a standard deck cleaner and follow its directions. some require the decking to be wet first. some don't. Free Sample

barbecue season is approaching, but if your house has a deck chances are that winter has left behind a slippery coating of algae, fungi, mosses, moulds and lichen. so if you're planning on spending more time outside, you might need to give it a good clean, or risk literally hitting the deck after a few outdoor . Free Sample

there is a long-standing and surprisingly fiery debate on about whether the grooves (or reeds, as they're called) on a decking board are intended to be placed face up or face down. internet commenters have waged intense campaigns supporting one side or the other and decking installers can be found sitting in both . Free Sample

if you've been putting off renewing your deck because you think it requires a lot of time, tools and know-how, take heart. in this article, we'll show you how to clean it up fast with the help of a pressure washer and special products that help remove dirt, mildew and old finishes. we'll also show you how to apply a fresh finish, . Free Sample

you have to take care of your decking, and while you can get away with a good sweep most of the time, you should be following these expert cleaning tips at least once a . take the slender tool and use it to dislodge any dirt or debris that has become stuck between the wooden grooves in your decking. Free Sample