timber deep embossed floor solar reflective index

building for everyone - centre for excellence in universal design possible use of colour coding to aid orientation and wayfinding. soft, compressible floor finishes, such as deep pile carpet. changes in level between adjacent floor finishes. bold patterns and stripes. large areas of shiny or polished surfaces that create glare and reflection. lighting design that causes dark shadows. Free Sample

composite decking is a type of decking material normally composed of plastics, timber and sawdust. composite decking .. design and build your dream deck with timbertech's beautiful and quality composite decking materials. view ... composite wood flooring outdoors thailand, solar reflectance index of timber decking. Free Sample

rha0101 gjames h'book 1-7 - g.james glass aluminium glass today is used to perform many functions other than its primary role of allowing light to enter a building. its applications can be visual, mechanical, structural, decorative, thermal, architectural, artistic or a combination of any or all of these aspects. g.james provides a range of services including design assistance, . Free Sample

rate of gst on goods - cbec as yagnopavit);. (iii) wooden khadau;. (iv) panchamrit,. (v) vibhuti sold by religious institutions,. (vi) unbranded honey. [proposed gst nil]. (vii) wick for diya. (viii) roli. (ix) kalava (raksha .. coir mats, matting and floor covering. 220. 5809, 5810. embroidery . marked or embossed on the footwear itself. 226. 6901 00 10. Free Sample

cool roof - weather proof tiles 19 jan 2011 . cool roof gutص sri (solar reflectance index) a[ـْlôû[ ûyjص u§lہس. ùnnvltس،\ص, sri a[ـ . ceramic tiles can be used in many different applications, including floors, countertops and walls. they are not often ... the top surface is embossed and also printed with protective coating for better grippes. hence . Free Sample

dsr ch-1 - cpwd 4 jan 2010 . the cost index for dsr 2014 is 105 with reference to delhi plinth area rates - . (b) laminated veneer lumber door shutters. 9.6, 9.10 . 9.31. (c) providing and fixing 4mm thick coir veneer board 9.38. 6. flooring. (a) crazy marble stone .. solar reflective index (sri) 108 (with solar reflectance thermal. Free Sample

technical specifications levels of all floors relative to the site datum. - framing timber moisture content. where any material, quality or dimension falls outside specified or required tolerances, obtain written direction from the contract administrator. where building consent approval is affected, confirm remedial action with the building consent . Free Sample

download pdf and solar shading. □. designed to integrate with designwall panel systems. □. tailor-made for custom appearance. □. solar shading reduces a building's energy . index rw of 25db. for the installed karrier systems, please refer to specific product data sheets for detailed information. structural. kingspan benchmark . Free Sample

construction specification - housing authority 23 feb 2017 . this reference specification has been developed by natspec in conjunction with the western. australia housing authority. the requirements in this specification are generic and are to be read in conjunction with project specific documents from the design consultant, including drawings, schedules and . Free Sample

maintenance and repair of older buildings in . - city of adelaide and a termite infestation in the sub-floor timbers. an exaggeration ... periodic deep watering of lawns, garden beds and trees can help ... sun-dried brick. clay-bearing soil is mixed with water, with chopped straw added for reinforcement. the mixture is pressed into a rectangular mould, then turned out and stacked to dry. Free Sample

standard highway specifications volume ii of ii - nyc.gov 1 nov 2010 . the contractor shall construct all required or ordered temporary timber bridging and decking for pedestrian and .. 6.08 aj - reset steel faced concrete curb (27” deep); and,. item no. .. reflective material shall conform to the requirements of astm designation b 589 “standard specification. Free Sample

product catalogue - selena fm sa catalogue map. flooring. levelling compounds primers. parquet adhesives primers. wooden floor finish. floor covering adhesives. firestop .. 74 tack-r primer dr – deep penetrating primer. 74 abizol r . number (solar reflectance index = 107) and high waterproofing parameters. with the use of . Free Sample

representative examples of the specific products which are considered under these operations are given below. shakes door trim wooden frames and sash shingles baseboards window trim excelsior moldings box cleats barrel staves wooden panels spools gun stocks stair railings flooring wooden bowls toothpicks . Free Sample

these heat zones allow for higher temperatures when the board is & wet (where the mat first enters) and lower temperatures when the mat is almost dry. the dried board then goes through various finishing operations such as painting, asphalt coating, and embossing. those operations which manufacture decorative . Free Sample

nbs - reference specification - se controls 10 aug 2009 . floors which are to be self-finished, and floors to receive sheet or tile finishes directly bedded in adhesive: ±10 mm. floors .. spaces 50–80 mm deep: 1:2 cement:sand mortar, just damp, well tamped against properly fixed supports as filling proceeds. bonded .. applying solar reflective paints. surface . Free Sample

awesome place,best cabin in deep creek,rain,sleet,snow,or hopefully sun this place has entertainment for the entire family. teresa mason. july 24, 2014. absolutely the best vacation house we have been to. so many activities with out leaving the comforts of the house. beautiful log cabin and decorations. the best game . Free Sample

las vegas team -- specs - solar decathlon laminated-veneer lumber: manufactured with exterior-type adhesive complying with astm d 2559. allowable ... floor, wall, and roof sheathing were harvested, processed, and manufactured within 500 miles of the .. solar reflectance index of roofing sheet metal: not less than 78 when calculated according to. astm e . Free Sample

minimum temp for deck stain,solar reflectance of wood decking,bass buggy flooring, .. composite wood flooring outdoors thailand, solar reflectance index of timber decking . exterior, pretty and inspiring Coppola decking exterior ideas: chic floating deck having dark brown wooden floor and white fence and staircase. Free Sample