installed over an existing decking

so there isn't even the hint of a straight line to cut anywhere if the idea was to cut out the old decking and replace it. so what are the chances of installing some plastic decking over the top of the old wood. it looks like the old wood is probably on 2x4 sleepers running direction is the wall to the railing. 16 oc. Free Sample

24 dec 2013 , the video detail information come if you have any questions about wpc, you can contact our head-office directly by email: , Free Sample

is your old concrete patio an eyesore? you can avoid the cost and mess of tearing it out by just screwing down wood sleepers and decking over it. in most cases, this project is also less expensive than a new patio installed by a contractor. local contractors estimated costs of $7 to $10 per sq. ft. to remove this patio and, Free Sample

by larry walton. i had been keeping this deck alive for several years with an occasional replacement board, some sanding,a little deck stain. i even trimmed the ends of a section of the cantilevered deck boards. but now the time had arrived to build a new deck. i started pulling off deck boards hoping to find, Free Sample

23 may 2016 , your existing deck must be in good enough shape to install dektek tiles over them. if you have a rotting old deck where the wood deck boards are about to give way, it would not work to lay dektek tile over your existing deck. dektek tiles weight 11 pounds per square foot so your existing deck needs to, Free Sample

deck tiles are easy to install in locations that already have a substructure in place, such as an existing deck or a flat concrete patio. most often ,. decks as the name implies, deck tiles are ideal surfaces for your deck. they can be installed over an existing deck, giving the space an updated look that will age gracefully. patios Free Sample

5 sep 2017 , are you looking for a way to transform your ugly wood deck? dektek tile's beautiful concrete deck tiles are the perfect solution! dektek's tile decking can b, Free Sample

the most important thing to understand about the difference between pressure-treated and composite lumber is their weights. attempting to install composite lumber planks over a pressure-treated lumber frame could lead to collapse if you don't take the proper precautions first. before you install your composite deck, learn a, Free Sample