how to use lattice on a guardrail on a deck

so whether you're constructing a residential composite deck, lumber deck or a deck made from other decking material, you're typically required to install a graspable secondary handrail on one side of the deck's stair railing when there are four or more stair risers present. key residential stair handrail, Free Sample

i dunno? i'm not a builder by trade, but seems like there should be a better way (which is why i viewed this video). i also noticed no overhand on the decking to allow for a railing? i would be pissed if a professional, i was paying, constructed my deck this way. hope the rest of the video series was better than, Free Sample

guardrails for decks porches: this article describes deck safety, deck railing requirements, guard railing construction and building codes, and critical safe-construction details for deck and porch rails,details about how to install secure posts to support deck or porch guardrails or stair guard railings are now found at. Free Sample

lattice is an often-used deck railing, and for good reason: it adds visual interest and provides a barrier, too. but if old-school lattice is too , our homes have become as individualistic as we are, which means rules about details, such as deck railings and decorating in general, may no longer apply. this contemporary-style, Free Sample

you typically frame the 4-by-8-foot lattice panels by sandwiching the edges in suitable framing material, typically lengths of 1-by-1-inch or 2-by-2-inch cedar screwed together with the panel edge in the middle -- or you can obtain the panels already framed. you can readily install the panels on the deck posts by a few, Free Sample

after a deck and stairs are built, the railing is set in place; adding latticework from the rail to the deck flooring can increase safety and privacy and make the deck more attractive. lattice typically comes in , consider using vinyl lattice to extend the life of the deck railing. place vinyl sleeves over posts to, Free Sample