i layed the wood on the ground

wood treatments or preservative . laying ground; lay either concrete floor bearers or pressure treated (tanalised) timber bearers across the gravel/soil. these should be equally spaced at intervals of approx 400-600mm ensuring they . Free Sample

wood chips don't affect the plants you want to keep. for the maximum effect the wood chips should be laid to a depth of 3 or 4 inches. this depth will be able to prevent most weeds from growing while also keeping the soil underneath nice and moist. Free Sample

lay means 'to put something down carefully in a flat position'. it must have an object. it is a regular verb, but note the spelling of the past simple and -ed form: laid not layed: shall i lay the tray on the bed? a wonderful wooden floor has been laid in the dining room. not: floor has been layed lie is a verb which . Free Sample

lay down definition: if you lay something down , you put it down, usually because you have finished using it. | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Free Sample

making the right decisions before you lay your flooring, particularly in a situation where you're laying flooring directly over joists is always time well spent. if you are planning an engineered wood flooring installation on a ground floor, it is important not to install your flooring directly over a ventilated cavity. Free Sample

wood ground. wood ground synonyms, wood ground pronunciation, wood ground translation, english dictionary definition of wood ground. n. 1. a. the solid surface of the earth . 28. meet someone on his own ground to meet someone according to terms he has laid down himself. 29. the high ground the moral high . Free Sample

there are a hundred ways to stack wood. regardless of the stacking system chosen, the bottom row of any stack should be on a foundation that keeps the wood off of the ground. you can even sacrifice a few pieces of firewood for this and just lay them down perpendicular to the stacks to allow for air to . Free Sample

lay decking. instead, use it as a solid foundation for a deck of any shape or size. if the bearers (wood supports that will bear the weight of the decking) are not level, use thin offcuts of treated timber to level them, before laying the deck. on soft ground it is possible to make a simple foundation of paving slabs bedded . Free Sample

wood to rest at ground level. place the lengths in the trench and pound the stakes in at the correct distances, leaving the stakes slightly higher than the lengths of wood. be sure to drive the stakes in on the outside of the lawn area so that the board length faces to the lawn. Free Sample

lay down the wood pallets to form the deck. lay them on top of the blocks, being sure to lay the corners on top of the concrete blocks. you can lay them out in any direction you like. if you have a wood pallet that is not quite as good as the others, like we did, be sure to lay it where it will either be covered with . Free Sample

wood lay on the ground in front of wattle and daub houses in a remote stormy jungle village of nigeria - b80855 from alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Free Sample

laid directly on rooftops covered with a rubber or bituminous membrane without damaging or puncturing the membrane? . as click-deck hardwood tiles have small gaps between the slats of the wood and the slats are raised off the ground by their mesh base, any water drains away in a short space of time. Free Sample

wood to fit the greenhouse, lay the boards together on the ground like you are going to set the greenhouse on them (make sure you remove any rocks, sticks or dirt clogs that keep the board from laying flush on the ground). set a level on top of one of the boards (shown in picture at left). the horizontal . Free Sample

laid on flat, soft and level ground; laid on the ground floor, not raised; not joined to a building; without any extra touches like a balustrade or decking lights; designed with the boards in a horizontal pattern. if you plan to lay decking that's raised, adjacent to a . Free Sample

ground-level deck, which can greatly expand your outdoor living area . use manufacturer-approved hardware and fasteners for all wood products. check with . use batterboards and mason's string lines to lay out footing locations for a deck that is approximately 8 feet wide and 10 feet long. Free Sample

installing a fence on uneven ground is not as difficult as it sounds. the most important tool for such a task is a chalk line or ball of string. otherwise, installing the fence would not be much different than if you were working on level ground. Free Sample

lay a garden patio, in this step-by-step project . hammer wooden pegs into the ground - they need to be at the same height to mark the level surface of the patio . lay slabs on a bed of mortar 5cm - 8cm deep, tapping down firmly with a rubber mallet or pressing down with your hands. Free Sample