cost of demo decking boards

cost include the height; shape; number of levels; number of support footings needed; railing length, size and style; complexity of the decking board pattern; steps, stairways and landings; benches, lighting or other built-in features; and whether an old deck needs to be demolished and hauled . Free Sample

decking boards as part of a demolition project is hard work, and steve hoolahan, a construction industry veteran, knew there had to be ways to save time and labor costs. for years, hoolahan built his own tools out of scrap wood from job sites, but they were cumbersome and quickly broke. Free Sample

pricing can be more. partial demolition can lower your costs if part of your decking is compromised. be sure to check with your pro about the cost to haul away waste. some services will charge extra to remove your old decking. return to top. Free Sample

decking, rails and stairs, and save tons of money over the cost of a complete rebuild . you'll need all of the standard carpentry tools, including a 4-ft. level, circular saw, screw gun and carpenter's square, and tools for the demo work, including a sledgehammer and pry bars. and a . Free Sample

fortunately, now there is a wide assortment of decking-removal tools that can pop up deck boards with relative ease. while the tools look similar, our crew members each seem to have a preference, and each deck requires a slightly different plan of attack. so we stock several different kinds and select the . Free Sample

some of the other tools we've tried broke quickly and with gentler use. the demo-dek costs $150 online, so it's not cheap. if i only had one deck demolition on the horizon, i wouldn't buy it or any other deck-board removal tool. but if i had two or more decks to demolish, i would definitely want a demo-dek . Free Sample

deck boards in seconds. save time and money. complete big jobs in a fraction of the time, cutting costs and boosting productivity . demo-dek is the only deck removal tool that completely removes an entire board at a time even with ring shank nails! r . Free Sample

deck boards); electric chain saw or reciprocal saw (for joists); demo hammer (for cemented post holders); bagster® bag(s); heavy work gloves; extension cords; crowbar; drill. nail bar; socket wrench; elbow support; shovel; eye protection; mineral ice (expect to be very sore at the end . Free Sample