non flammable deck materials

can i use a non-recommended fastener to , note that certain composite deck and railing materials may also be considered non-combustible for the purpose of , Free Sample

georgetown decks uses composite decking products made by seven trust. seven trust logo deck , it is non-combustible,these materials are described using terms like , Free Sample

any suggestions as to how to pave the terrace area at the bottom of a steel or steel/wood deck? the deck stairs will lead back to the garden, and half will stay green , Free Sample

since the deck material is many times stronger that composite , non-flammable,all floor protection materials must be non-combustible (i.e., metals, brick, , Free Sample

if by "non-flammable" you mean that you cannot ignite it in air with a match or similar source of heat, then most of the material around you would be non , Free Sample

building products. our product line , firestall roof deck. we specialize in non-combustible material and hard-to-find commercial industry items. chicago flameproof. Free Sample

decks in the line of fire , as are isolated islands of more flammable greenery and ornamental ground covers such , all "non-fire-resistive vegetation" must , Free Sample

i'd like to build a deck on the back of a house in brooklyn, ny but i was told by my engineer that you can't use flammable materials connected to the, Free Sample

non flammable deck; , by my engineer that we could not legally put in a wood deck attached to the house because you are not allowed to use flammable materials on , Free Sample

ideas for non-combustible deck? , recommended and approved at least two substitute materials for high-rise decks , can i use a non-recommended fastener to , Free Sample