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because of armenia's position in the deep interior of the northern part of the subtropical zone, enclosed by lofty ranges, its climate is dry and continental. regional climatic variation is nevertheless considerable. intense sunshine occurs on many days of the year. summer, except in high-altitude areas. Free Sample

china has been the second largest trade partner of armenia since 2009. the main products and goods which china exports to armenia include: mobile and fixed communications equipment, computers, steel, leather, furs, furniture, etc; and the main products which china imports from armenia include: . Free Sample

arthur yegoryan will serve as official representative of the armenian chamber of commerce in ningbo. the office will deal with boosting armenian-chinese economic cooperation, protection of interests of armenian businessmen, promoting armenian products in the chinese markets and other issues. Free Sample

armenian president serzh sargsyan meets with his chinese counterpart xi jinping in beijing in march 2015. the visit, which included signing agreements on economic, political, and military ties, triggered an expansion of china's economic and diplomatic activity in armenia. (photo: armenian presidential . Free Sample

china, there was high demand for armenian medicine, vegetables, mineral paints, and insects, especially the armenian cochineal, which was used to paint the best chinese and indian silks. armenian merchants traded silk, jade, and other goods. various chinese products were brought to armenia through the silk road. Free Sample

yerevan. armenian defense minister vigen sargsyan, who is on an official visit to china, on tuesday met with member of the political bureau of the communist party and vice chairman of the central military commission of china, xu qiliang. sargsyan presented details of the talks that were conducted . Free Sample

armenian defense minister vigen sargsyan had a meeting with his chinese counterpart chang wanquan on monday in the sidelines of the official visit to china. after the official opening ceremony, armenia-chinese negotiations kicked off, armenian defense ministry reported. wanquan noted that . Free Sample

artemide è uno dei brand di illuminazione tra i più conosciuti al mondo, e uno dei leader mondiali nel settore dell'illuminazione residenziale e professionale. Free Sample

armenia is an amazing country with outstanding historical and cultural heritage. the amount of local artists and craftsmen is absolutely incredible considering that the population of the whole country is only 3 million. the best way to get introduced yourself with local artisanal products is to go to vernisage arts and crafts . Free Sample

new cooperation office in china to deal with presenting and selling armenian products in chinese market . the opening ceremony of armenia's cooperation office was held in the chinese city of qingdao with the participation of armenian ambassador sergey manasaryan and armenia's commercial . Free Sample

the state-run news agency xinhua said late on wednesday that armenian police had deported 129 chinese telecom fraud suspects, including 78 from taiwan to china. the suspects were arrested when armenian police raided six locations on august 20, seizing a large amount of equipment including . Free Sample