can i install a deck over existing concrete patio

when you pour a new layer of concrete over an existing patio, the integrity of the new surface will only be as good as the one beneath it. if the existing patio has cracks and pits, fill them with a patching compound or caulk to level the surface. Free Sample

find the high point of your patio by a laying a flat board across the patio where you plan to install your sleepers. the sleepers can follow the slope of the patio rather than being perfectly level, but they do need to create a flat plane to properly support the decking. Free Sample

should i build a deck over my existing concrete patio . wood or composite is a great choice for it's ease of install. you can . can i frame over an existing deck . Free Sample

i have a 12' x 12' poured concrete slab patio, composite decking over concrete slab? . so the deck boards will have to go directly onto the concrete. Free Sample

now you are ready to deck over the low-deck joist system as you would on any deck. layout the deck boards perpendicular to the joists. for synthetic decking, use a 16d nail to space the boards apart. Free Sample

with a coat of resurfacer, you can make an old patio look like new concrete quickly and cheaply. just mix the cement-based powder with water and spread it over the patio. you can repair cracks and resurface over them, but the cracks may return. Free Sample

for instance, installing pavers over concrete for a pool deck may be a risky proposition, because if the pool pavers are too high, they may create a tripping hazard near the pool or may make people cut themselves when they are entering or exiting the area. Free Sample

yes lunden, composite decking can be installed over an existing cement patio. one way to accomplish this task would be to build an underlying deck frame out of pressure treated wood, and then attaching the composite decking boards to the top of the wood frame. Free Sample

watch this video to see how easy it is to install our deck tiles over an old concrete . a deck over a concrete patio? . and the existing floor 1 can i use . Free Sample

how to install pavers over a concrete patio without mortar by: . i have cool deck over concrete around my pool.i’m laying pavers over my existing concrete patio. Free Sample

building a wooden deck over a concrete one . if you choose to add a design to your deck and install the . my existing patio is about 10 inches thick so it . Free Sample