can you install smart board siding

lap siding architectural collection 76 . does not recommend lp smartside for use in these non-tradi- tional assemblies . lap siding). d) nail a starter strip (wood lath or siding approximately 3/8 in. x. 1-1/2 in.) 1/4 in. above bottom chalk line and install first course of siding. e) nail at all stud . Free Sample

smartside lap siding is not designed and/or manufactured to be installed vertically. trim. do. prime and paint all exposed surfaces including all drip edges or where water will hang. apply finish coat as soon as possible or within 180 days of application. high-quality acrylic latex paint, specially formulated for use on. Free Sample

you will also see how smartside siding is much more resistant to the same impact of objects such as lawnmowers, baseballs and the everyday accidental impacts that . fiber cement is much heavier than other siding types and requires two or more workers to install a single plank increasing labor costs. Free Sample

it used to be stucco, but moisture intrusion problems with stucco siding made many high-end home builders start using james hardie siding . if you're buying a home with lp smartside® or you're having it put on your own house, watch out for these mistakes. if you're a home . why does this stuff matter? Free Sample

can be a great time-saver when putting siding on a house because the sheets -- typically 4 by 8 feet -- go up much faster than individual boards. most panel siding is exterior-grade plywood, either 1/2 or 5/8 inch thick, or some hardboard, such as cement fiber. many finishes are available to emulate rough cedar. Free Sample

smartside line of siding and trim is made up of wood strands that are coated with a resin binder and compressed to create a board of superior strength. each smartside . failure to properly install fiber cement siding can lead to mold and rot in the sheathing or structural supports. installation is also a . Free Sample

will be installing the lp smart side panels on the front and back of the shed. it may seem odd to install the lp smart side panels on just the front and back walls but it is an important step and doing things in this order will make things easier as you continue. henry explains why . Free Sample

siding and masonry or concrete walls. secondary water-resistant barrier. a properly installed breathable water-resistive barrier is required behind the siding. consult your local building code for details. lp will assume no responsibility for water penetration. precision series panel siding with . Free Sample

lp does provide a 5 year finish warranty for pre-finished smart side "foundations" panel siding but it has some important limitations . the cost of one coat of paint but no more than twice the material cost of the original paneling and they can choose to provide new pre-finished panel siding for you to install. Free Sample

siding. get the versatility to create a custom look with lp smartside lap siding. available in different sizes in smooth and textured finishes, lp smartside . for more information on the complete line of lp smartside lap siding, download the lp smartside product catalog or product installation instructions for fiber or . Free Sample

you were to install a siding board too close to the roof plane of most of the sidings we have used over the years, what material do you think would have issues first? . we are adding the 1/4" strip to the corners to bring them out so we can get a properly detailed sealant thickness at the lap; this is a pain. Free Sample

so, i'm writing this post as a favor to anyone who is now researching what to put on the outside of their house in hopes it will help you out and then i won't feel . lp smartside. i really loved the look of fiber cement siding and i was extremely disappointed to learn that it was super close to the cost of brick. Free Sample