adding floor joists to existing structure

in order to install the new floor joists, the sagging floor and floor joists would have to be jacked level. often these measures are not practical when wiring, ducts or plumbing would interfere with the placement of new joists. an alternate solution is to halve the span of the existing joists by adding a perpendicular built-up beam. Free Sample

add a false ceiling below the existing one, supported on its own independent joist structure; on top of the existing floor, add a layer of underlay plus a floating timber floor. adding carpet to a bare wood floor gives it a little isolation from footfall, reducing noise to a degree. add more support by repairing, Free Sample

8 nov 2012 , the solution i typically see, and one that works well, is to sister another lower-profile joist to the existing floor joists. when done correctly, each end of the new joist must be supported by a bearing point (for instance, an existing beam or bearing wall). it also would be wise to install blocking between the joists, Free Sample

sistering is the process of pairing a structural member that is damaged or is inadequate for an intended load with another member. in the case of 2" x 6" joists, you would pair them up with other 2" x 6" joists by nailing them together. the best-case scenario is to run the "sisters" the entire length of the existing, Free Sample

trying to install cross bracing on the existing 2x6's can stiffen the overall construction if it is installed correctly. it will not however make the overall floor any stronger. instead it just spreads localized loads across multiple joists to lessen flexure due to live loads moving around. depending on the method used, Free Sample

we will then fit the new floor joists which are totally independent from the existing ceiling and lay the moisture/film coated floor boarding. when the floor is in place we upgrade the existing rafters, form the dwarf walls, put in any ridge beams and secure the whole roof structure. once all this is done we can remove any purlin's, Free Sample