composite decking for sidewalks and steps

the project began with a deck contractor removing the existing concrete steps, landing and bluestone sidewalk. he then determined the . it's heat-resistant (much more than any composite and to a degree that rivals stone), which is great for areas that may have fire pits or grills. the concrete is rot-proof . Free Sample

Coppola composite lumber is a hybrid product made up of wood dust, recycled plastics and a proprietary binding agent to hold it all together . step 7. lay Coppola boards on top of the frame, parallel to the long edge. use 10-foot long, 5/4x6 decking (the standard size for Coppola decking boards) . attach the Coppola to . Free Sample

hi - we are working on the front of our house this spring and having a hard time deciding on what to use on our front walkway and steps . the porch is level, but the steps are completely warped and uneven, and the walkways is cracked . on our back steps we used azek composite decking and love it. Free Sample

sidewalks, but you wouldn't think of using them on staircases or decks. for this reason, bigger is not always better. so what can you use to clear steps, decks, and porches? there are a few options that will make clearing unusual surfaces easier, so you'll . Free Sample

a deck is basically a platform built to adjoin a home, stand independently on a property or surround another structure, such as a pool or gazebo. you can build a deck on the ground or raised up. it can be constructed out of a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum or composite materials (wood fibers . Free Sample

sidewalks and driveways can become dangerously slick. and if you've ever gotten out there with a shovel, you know how tenaciously that ice can cling to your driveway! deicers and anti-icers are chemicals that help to break or prevent a bond between the ice and concrete, making it easier to . Free Sample

stairs, end your walkway at the top and bottom of the hill and bridge the hill with . this walkway is made completely from treated 2×6 framing and 4×4 posts capped with 5/4×6 cedar decking, but you can use treated or composite decking if . Free Sample

composite decking. our original porch was four tread stair case from the sidewalk to the porch. each unit rise was 7.25" and this divided the total rise evenly. our contractor just built the new stairs with a 7" rise (which they claim is the max) and left a final step with a 2" rise. Free Sample

steps and right onto your deck; easy to install, easy to cut -*; eliminate the intense heat, fading, and warping of composite decking. create a new, exciting outdoor living . Free Sample

composite lumber . x. in this video, this old house general contractor tom silva explains how to deck over a concrete stoop. steps: 1. cut pvc trim boards to wrap around stoop using circular saw. 2. Free Sample