balcony cut in intersecting roof

an intersecting roof with unequal spans requires a supporting valley rafter to run . in an equal-pitch roof, the valley rafters always run at 45° to the building . Free Sample

sometimes an intersecting roof is framed over the existing main roof deck rather being tied directly into the framing of the main roof. in this case, the new roof's ridge is attached to a nailer on the main-roof sheathing, and the jack rafters that form the new roof extend from the new ridge to the sheathing, where they are also attached to a nailer on the sheathing. Free Sample

martin’s ten rules of roof design . chopped-up roofs with a variety of intersecting planes are hard to . does it really save that much time to cut rafters at 45 . Free Sample

how to join into a sloped roof.laying out the framing of the intersecting roof lines properly is simply a matter of making sure that the roof's weight is . Free Sample

a gable roof is fairly simple geometrically, but when two gable roof lines intersect, the geometry gets more complicated. the framing required at the intersection of . Free Sample

intersecting roofs of different pitches . would like to know how you cut the valley rafter when you have two different pitches on . intersecting a 10/12 roof. Free Sample

great article and videos, very informative and easy to understand. i did find in my research that the maximum seat cut depth for a roof rafter is no longer 1/3 the beam depth (d/3) but the 2012 international residential code (figure r802.7.1.1) limits it to 1/4 of the beam depth (d/4). reply; jason november 3, 2014. building an a frame rabbit hutch/run. Free Sample

roof framing in this chapter, is that it is more difficult to construct than a gable roof. intersecting . cut on the side of a rafter to make it fit against another Free Sample

or a balcony, thicker sheathing . the sheathing is started flush with the tail cut of the . and the extra material cut off. the opposite side of the roof is then . Free Sample

where flat roofs are to be used for a deck or a balcony, and the extra material cut off. the opposite side of the roof is then sheeted using the same pattern. Free Sample

ask your question. angie's list answers . require it be cut at the valley . the main roof first then laying the plate on the sheathing and nailing the . Free Sample