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nairobi, kenya (ap) - a ban on plastic bags came into force monday in kenya and those found violating the new regulation could be receive maximum fines of. Free Sample

a ban on plastic carrier bags has come into force in kenya, which means that anyone found selling, manufacturing or carrying them could face fines of up to $38,000 or prison sentences of . in its ruling last week, the high court dismissed a case filed by two plastic bags importers urging it to drop the ban. Free Sample

government maintains its stand on the plastic bags ban despite opposition from manufacturers. the high court last week also ruled against a case filed by two plastic bags importers and declined to suspend the ban. supermarkets were on sunday racing against time to clear their current stocks. the ban . Free Sample

kenya has become the latest country to ban plastic bags, with the toughest laws yet. the country now has a total ban on manufacturing, importing and using plastic bags and importers and manufacturers who do not comply face fines of up to 4 million kenyan shillings equivalent to $38,000 or dh139,500 . Free Sample

new rules that went into effect on monday forbid the use of plastic grocery bags and call for prison and steep fines for anyone manufacturing or importing them. Free Sample

that was the norm in kenya until august 28, when the government effected a ban on the use, manufacture or importation of plastic bags. in ethiopia, manufacturers and traders are banned from manufacturing using or importing plastic bags of less than 0.3 milligrammes, while conflicting business . Free Sample

a ban on making and importing plastic bags has come into force in kenya and those found in violation of the ban could be fined up to $38000. thin plastic shopping bags litter the streets of kenya's c. Free Sample

traders in nairobi swapped out the cheap lightweight plastic bags for cartons, paper bags, and envelopes, while grocery stores sold reusable fiber bags and cardboard boxes. kenya's ban on plastic bags is the world's harshest. punishment for carrying, manufacturing, or importing plastic bags ranges from . Free Sample

kenya limited (ekl) has endeavored and established itself as a profitable business partner to the horticultural and floricultural industries in the east and central regions of africa. we are the largest agri-input suppliers company in kenya who can meet almost 90% of farm agri-input . Free Sample

the case was filed by two plastic bags importers. fredrick njenga and stephen mwangi protested the decision by environment cs judi wakhungu on february 27. they wanted the court to stop the ministry from implementing the notice and issuing subsequent notices without legal justification. the two . Free Sample

importers and sellers of plastic bags have sued to suspend a government ban on the use, manufacture and importation of polythene. in a suit filed by two people on their behalf, the traders have sued environment cabinet secretary judi wakhungu and the attorney-general. losses. fredrick njenga and . Free Sample

kenya has now become the second african country to ban plastic bags. one estimate says kenyans use up about 24 million of them each month. however, critics o. Free Sample

people found flouting a new ban on plastic bags in kenya could face a maximum fine of £30,000 or four years in prison. the east-african country becomes the latest nation to ban people using, manufacturing and importing plastic shopping bags. lobster found with pepsi logo 'tattooed' on its claw. Free Sample

this isn't the first time the country has tried to tackle the issue of plastic bags. in 2007, kenya tried to discourage their use by limiting the thickness of plastic bags, ordering manufacturers and importers to only sell bags with more than 30 microns. four years later, they tried again by banning plastic bags less . Free Sample

uganda says there is big growth opportunity in the country for manufacturers of quality packaging material. kenya has outlawed the manufacture, import, sale or use of plastic carrier bags in the country. the ban has caused loss of thousands of jobs as manufacturers suspended operations to avoid steep . Free Sample

however, not everyone feels that banning plastic bags is a wise idea. kenya plastic 1. in kenya, two plastic bag importers attempted to overturn the ban in court last week. but their effort failed. the national association of manufacturers says the ban will cost the country more than 60,000 jobs. in the united . Free Sample