how to protect siding for porch swing

swing design. the smooth, gentle glide of this porch swing will keep you daydreaming for hours. in fact, you may lose your ambition for good! the swing's simple cuts and no-hassle glue and screw assembly techniques make it a great first-time wood working project. you can build it in a weekend for a few hundred dollars. Free Sample

there are few things as quaint as a lovely porch swing in front of an old house. porch swings have always been a popular addition to older homes; they harken back to yesteryear, before air conditioning became all the rage. a porch swing of your own can bring back those days of sitting in the humid air with a tall glass of, Free Sample

although it's easy to think of these products as being primarily for decking and siding that won't receive a top coat of paint, applying a water-repellent wood preservative to all sides of a piece of exterior wood before painting provides the best protection against decay and doesn't need to be reapplied until the paint fails. Free Sample

as you can see, the helmsman® teak oil has replaced the missing natural oils, and is now protecting the wood against both the sun and the rain. you can use it on either indoor or outdoor furniture constructed of dense woods, such as mahogany, cedar, teak and other imported hardwoods. and anytime the wood starts to, Free Sample

looking to hang an address sign, name plaque or seasonal decorations but don't want to put holes in your beautiful siding? vinyl siding hangers take the pain out of decorating your home's exterior. no more drilling holes, hanging anchors or adhesives are necessary with vinyl siding hooks. vinyl siding hangers protect your, Free Sample

reading time: 4 minutes. porch wicker furniture swing. have bees and wasps invaded your front porch in the past? these tips can help you reclaim that lovely space for yourself this year. ***. i can't tell you how many times i have gone out to the front porch, eager to sit down in my rocking chair and watch, Free Sample

lay down floor covering. new models of outdoor carpeting and rugs are made from weather-resistant materials to protect wood from water, dirt and sun. available in many colors and styles, they can match any decor. lay small rugs over high-traffic areas like staircases, before doorways and underneath a porch swing. Free Sample

to keep a rich, natural wood look, wipe a teak oil with uv protection (and without linseed oil) onto every surface, wait 15 minutes for it to soak in, then wipe again with a clean rag to remove any buildup. repeat at the beginning and end of each porch-swing season. teak can also be painted, but then you run the risk of chips,, Free Sample

your porch swing should be a place to relax, and one of the keys to a hanging porch swing is proper installation. cutting corners could ultimately cause you to come crashing down (literally). by equipping yourself with the right hardware, measuring correctly and following the proper installation steps you will, Free Sample

apr 25, 2017 , there is something welcoming about a front porch swing — maybe it's nostalgia for a time that may or may not have existed, but i do love a porch with a swing on it. bringing some of the elements of a homes private life into the public begins to create a sense of community. it's also a great place for lemonade, Free Sample

super easy outdoor wood finish that creates amazing results and lasts a long time. superior quality and lasting results with this simple outdoor wood finish , Free Sample

if you have a cedar porch swing diy project, chances are you are wondering whether you should paint or stain it. although some might recommend painting it with acrylic to protect it from outside elements, most wood working enthusiast however will opt to staining it to preserve the cedar wood's natural beauty. below are, Free Sample

find and save ideas about craftsman porch swings on pinterest. | see more ideas about craftsman live plants, craftsman deck boxes and craftsman exterior products. Free Sample

put on rubber gloves to avoid getting any stain on your hands. choose an exterior grade stain for the swing. we used an oil-based stain on this project. apply a light coat of stain with a staining pad or a paint brush. apply a quality urethane annually to protect the finish from the elements. Free Sample

the other day, when i shared our big (well, technically little) patio reveal, i got lots of messages in my inbox with the same question: how did you hang decor. Free Sample

care should be taken when you hang a porch swing to ensure your safety. be sure the joists, tree limb, or even an a-frame are sturdy enough to hold the maximum weight for the swing. Free Sample