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calculate square footage for a roof by measuring and by performing some basic math equations . estimate the roof pitch by sight or calculate it with a level in the next step . multiply the number of roofing squares for a medium-pitch roof by 1.12 to 1.25 -- or by 1.3 to 1.42 for a high-pitch roof -- to get the square roof area. Free Sample

square foot one inch thick. so a 1 by 12 a foot long and a 2 by 6 of the same length both equal one board foot. rough lumber measurements in width and thickness are used when calculating board feet even if . Free Sample

decking available anywhere . please keep in mind that the calculation below will give you exact square footage and may not match how the flooring comes per bundle . give us a call if you are unsure how many square feet there are per bundle. Free Sample

deck tiles are 24 inches by 24 inches, or 20 x 20 inches square. all you need to do is calculate the square footage of the area (length multiplied by width) to know how many tiles you'll need. take advantage of our handy and easy-to-use deck tile calculator to automatically estimate the amount of . Free Sample

square footage calculator. in roofing terminology . that cover 1/3 square. roofing comes in rolls 3 feet wide and 36 feet long, for a coverage of about 1 square . a roll of 15-pound felt covers about 4 squares; a roll of thicker 30-pound felt covers 2 squares. when ordering any . Free Sample

calculator to measure correctly and determine how much roofing material you need for your project. enter your measurements, rounded to . if your roof is flat or has no more than a 3 in 12 pitch, you can calculate its total square footage by simply multiplying the length by the width. steep roofs measure your . Free Sample

calculator will help you determine the amount of square feet you have for replacing roof shingles. roof shingles are figured by number of squares. 10'x10' = 100sf (1 square). roof area calculators: gable hip shed for each of the roof types pictured below, l = horizontal length, w = horizontal width, and h . Free Sample

if you are planning to remodel your deck or sell your house, you will need to know the square feet involved. square footage is . calculate the area of each shape within the sketch of your deck. in order to figure the area of rectangles and squares, multiply the length times the width. if you have a triangle in . Free Sample