materials needed for a 8x8 platform deck

deck adds a great elevated place to sit and enjoy a view of a yard. only a few inches off the ground, this platform takes a little time but is easy once you get going. cost. $ $ $. skill level. start to finish. 2+ days. tools. shovels; screwdriver; laser level; pickax. show all. materials. deck blocks or pier blocks . Free Sample

drawing it by hand will help you to visualize the deck and the building process clearly in your mind. if you like, you can get a free computer drawing and material take-off from any home depot or lowe's. but, a store's computer may design your deck differently and use different lumber? you will need to study . Free Sample

take a couple chairs and/or a table out where you'll want to place a deck in your yard and figure out how much space you'll need around it. you might want to try . the results page also has a materials list showing how much wood to order and how many deck piers will be required. it's one of the only apps . Free Sample

needed a deck at his duplex that wasn't permanent, and was relatively cheap. i put this together in a . pretty basic, a square frame with 2x6s, this one is 8x8. we used 2x4s to cover it just . deck wood is pressure treated, but you'd likely need to buy some water-proofer or deck stain or something. digimancer . Free Sample

deck. using a power auger, dig 48-inch deep holes for seven 12-inch diameter footings. a standard single-level raised deck needs needs only four footings parallel to the house, but the extra footings are necessary on this deck to handle the additional weight of the roof and future . Free Sample

materials needed for the project. floating decks (image) are an alternative for diyers who want to build but lack. floating decks are a great option for diyers who have big plans -- but not the big skill set to match. david beaulieu. "floating decks" are so called because, rather than being attached to a . Free Sample

materials. 8 - 2x4x12 treated studs 30 - 5/4 x 6 x 12 treated lumber 10 - concrete deck piers minimum 2x4 stud steel reinforcements. galvanized 3 1/2'' nails. extra cinder blocks and bricks to level the footing. Free Sample

needed a deck at his duplex that wasn't permanent, and was relatively cheap. i put this together . platform deck brought to you by lowes creative ideas build this low deck for entertaining or finding your zen. in a couple of . see more. miscellaneous decks of all size and shapes using a variety of materials. Free Sample

8 x 10 deck material list6 - 80lb bags concrete mix for footings 5 - 4 x 4 x 10ft 3 main posts in the front and the 2 in the rear 1 - 4 x 4 x 10ft cut in half for the side middle posts1 - 4 x 4 x 8ft middle rear post 9 - 2 x 8 x 8ft 2 side bands and 7 joists2 - 2 x 8 x 10ft front and back band18 - 5/4 x 6 x 10ft decking4 - 2 x . Free Sample