solar reflectance index of timber decking

definition per leed: the solar reflectance index (sri) is a measure of a material's ability to reject solar heat, as shown by a small temperature rise. standard black (reflectance 0.05, emittance 0.90) is 0 and standard white (reflectance 0.80, emittance 0.90) is 100. for example, a standard black surface has a temperature rise . Free Sample

build your deck by this Coppola decking cost estimate ideas : composite decking prices and Coppola decking cost home depot.wood composite deck per square foot price in ghana. composite wood flooring outdoors thailand, solar reflectance index of timber decking. building a deckwood . Free Sample

white reflex white reflex ultra white reflex fire resistant 9 feb 2016 . two coats of high reflectance coating white reflex. 2. primer. joint deck. trapezoidal or corrugated panels in good condition . the solar reflectance index (sri) on bituminous surfaces of 104 for white reflex and white reflex fire resistant and 110 for white reflex ultra,. Free Sample

sikalastic- 560 - sika india for reflective coating to enhance energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs . fulfils solar reflective index requirements as per astm e1980. product data .. use localised reinforcement over joints and fixings. wooden substrates: timber and timber based panel roof decks are to be in good condition, firmly adhered,. Free Sample

solar reflectance index. reflectivity, or albedo, is the percentage of the sun's energy that is reflected by a surface. another important measurement of a roof membrane's performance is emittance. emittance deals with how effectively a surface releases heat; it is the percentage of absorbed energy that a . Free Sample

products 69 - 81 . trugrain decking may qualify as a non-roof strategy for reducing the urban heat island effect due to the qualifying solar reflectance index value of certain colors of the.firestone_e.14.01_0.doc the deck needs to consist of wooden boards with a minimum thickness of 18 mm. thickness of the .. solar . Free Sample

solar reflectance emissivity - vicwest building products to assist in the specification process,. vicwest is pleased to provide the following listing identifying the solar. reflectance and emissivity test results, as well as the solar reflective index. (sri), for our weatherxltm. (smp) colours plus the most popular metallic system and unpainted finishes. these results relate specifically . Free Sample

the lawrence berkeley nat'l labs has modeled it fairly well, and has a freebie download spreadsheet calculator for & solar reflectivity index (sri) that ... cool roofs radiate the heat back to the sky without the intervening complexity of roof deck- the surface of the roofing stays cooler, the roof deck stays . Free Sample

finished to resemble natural wood, the company's noon porcelain pavers skirt the line between decking and paving. the pavers are available in four light and dark wood finishes, which range from moderate to high levels of shade variation. their surfaces have a solar reflective index of 60% to 80%, and . Free Sample

paradiene 30 fr - siplast and non-insulated concrete roof deck constructions, subject to. fm conditions and limitations. paradiene 30 fr tg bw . paradiene 30 fr tg bw meets the reflectance and emittance requirements of title 24 part 6 for the state of reflectance index (avg). 90. astm e1980. cyclic fatigue. paradiene 30 fr . Free Sample

porcelain tile pavers specifications - reading rock single slab porcelain pavers offer an exceptional paving solution where high stain resistance, scratch resistance, fade resistance, frost resistance and low maintenance are important. at just 3/4 thick, they are much lighter and easier to transport and install than concrete pavers, are completely non-combustible unlike wood . Free Sample