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8 feb 2012 . hi your neighbour is wrong if he thinks your are legally obliged to face the best side to is a gesture of goodwill to do this and unless your. Free Sample

i live in a terraced house with a wall separating my garden with my neighbour's on one side and a fence on the other. who is . with fences, the owner may wish to have the side without the posts (i.e. the best side) facing his/hers garden and erects the fence and the posts entirely within his/her own garden. at first glance . Free Sample

chartered land surveyor specialising in expert witness reports for boundary disputes and private right of way cases in uk, with online advice and links on boundary and other neighbour disputes. Free Sample

in this diagram (which is a good example of a land registry plan), if your property is the “pink” one, then if the green fence is the same along the whole of the left hand boundary of the house at the rear, or even a good portion of it bounding more than one. where to start….. if your house is joined to the neighbours' house . Free Sample

garden law:a web page covering legal issues relating to walls,boundaries,trees,hedges,pets and neighbours together with a garden chat page to share your experiences.all you need to do is to click on and click on the english or welsh sections. once in click on & information about finding out about . Free Sample

66 reviews of good neighbor fencing & jimmy and his team just built a beautiful fence with a rolling electronic driveway gate (with two remotes) for my house, and i couldn't be happier. everyone was thorough, knowledgeable, kind, prompt, and (best… Free Sample

it is certainly true for most of us, with a good six-foot fence meaning that we can garden, hang out the washing or relax at leisure, while the sights, sounds and even smells from our neighbours' garden are kept at bay to varying degrees. the problem with this wonderfully british accord comes when repairs need to be done to . Free Sample

i suppose we could try to follow their example and give our neighbours a chance; they might have the potential to be more than just an occasional babysitter or a signature for our parcels, after all. or we could continue in our very british way to respect the boundary provided so handily by walls and fences. Free Sample

how to deal with neighbour disputes including access to a neighbour's land, boundary walls and fences, noise, children, trees and hedges.a pipe through a neighbour's property implies a right to go on that neighbour's property to undertake repairs, although any damage incurred to that property must be made good. Free Sample

brian smith, an acoustic engineer from acoustic associates in leicestershire, suggests that if you have noisy neighbours, you can erect a solid fence which has the effect of reflecting the . surprisingly, even at 34mm thick, it is often as good at reflecting sound as a 215mm brick wall of the same height. Free Sample

states your neighbour is responsible for keeping that fence in good repair it may cost more than a new fence to enforce this covenant . erect your own fence alongside your neighbour's fence. fences and boundaries – a guide for home owners for information contact the home ownership team:. Free Sample

the legal position with regards to boundary and fence disputes, and how neighbours can often solve the problems themselves without having to resort . you may be able to claim adverse possession if the fence has been in place for twelve years, it's best to seek professional legal advice before doing this. Free Sample