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solar reflective shingles - certainteed product. product id. initial. crrc rated product directory. solar. reflectance. thermal. emittance. solar reflective. index. m e ets. california. title 24?* e n erg y. star. certifi ed? landmark pro solaris. max def weathered wood better 0668-0125. 0.21 pending 0.94 pending. 22 pending. yes* no. presidential solaris. Free Sample

solar reflectance index (sri). a measure of the constructed surface's ability to stay cool in the sun by reflecting solar radiation and emitting thermal radiation. it is defined such that a standard black surface (initial solar reflectance 0.05, initial thermal emittance 0.90) has an initial sri of 0, and a standard white surface (initial . Free Sample

everything you need to know about cool roofing - design and . hanley wood is a registered provider with the american. institute of architects continuing education systems . solar reflectance. typical solar reflectance values for. cool roofs: low slope. – 0.65 or 0.70 and greater. steep slope. – minimum of .25 and up to .65 ... having a solar. reflectance index (sri) equal to or. Free Sample

guidelines for selecting cool roofs - heat island group - lawrence . solar reflectance index (sri) is another metric for comparing the “coolness” of roof surfaces1 . it . solar reflectance. index (sri). [3-year aged]. low sloped. 0.55. 0.75. 64. steep sloped. 0.20. 0.75. 16. cool roof requirements depend on the roof's slope. .. wood, polymers, or metals and these can be coated at the factory or . Free Sample

our cool-roof™ pavers utilize a high reflective value and low emissivity rate resulting in a high solar reflectance index (sri) value; tile tech cool-roof™ . ipe wood deck tiles. ipe deck tiles are specifically designed for installation on our pedestal supports, enabling decks with a perfectly horizontal surface to be built . Free Sample

laboratory testing of the reflectance properties of roofing materials products 69 - 81 . figure 2 depicts small 1 x 2 sections of several of the shingles. the test results for the shingle samples are provided in table 1. table 1. reflectance and emittance properties of asphalt shingles. shingle color. reflectances %. far infrared. emittance. solar. uv. vis. nir. aspen gray. weathered wood. Free Sample

wood tiles - bison innovative products the most recent bison innovative. products specifications at the time of installation. environmental. fsc certification. call for available species. slip resistance. astm c1028. scof dry .90 and wet .72. solar reflective indices. astm e 1980-11. 36 (average) new. 45 (average) weathered. one year. solar reflectance. Free Sample

products 69 - 81 . recent monitoring experiments suggest that increasing roof solar reflectivity may significantly reduce cooling loads in occupied residential and commercial buildings (boutwell et al., 1986; akbari et ... the lower the value of the index, the better the ratio of near infrared heat rejection to reflected visible light. Free Sample

solar reflectance - the portland cement association e 772). the calculation procedure for solar reflectance index is described in astm e 1980,. standard practice for calculating solar reflectance index of horizontal and low slope opaque. surfaces. nonmetallic opaque building materials such as masonry, concrete, and wood have an emittance of 0.90 (ashrae 2005). Free Sample

determination of solar reflectance index sri . - organowood sweden. determination of solar reflectance index (sri) according to astm. e1980-11. (1 appendix) . one sample of organowood, pressure impregnated pine wood,. 50×50 mm2. object state . using the reference solar spectrum astm g173, the total solar reflectance of the sample was calculated. also, the emissivity of . Free Sample

introduction: what is it? credit ss 7.1: solar reflectance index; mr 5.1 and mr credit 5.2: regional materials; credits eq4.2: low-emission materials; id credit 1.1 – 1.4: innovation in design; close. the leed (leadership in energy and environmental design) is an american certification of buildings that meet certain . Free Sample

confirmatory testing of expanded polystyrene (eps) foam - accoya 11 jul 2014 . report number 101646287mid-001rev2. page 3 of 6. 2 introduction. intertek has conducted testing for accsys technologies on accoya wood to calculate the. solar reflectance index (sri) at standard conditions. testing was conducted in accordance with astm c1371-04a (reapproved 2010) standard . Free Sample

the solar reflection index (sri) is a parameter that indicates the capacity of a material to reflect solar heat and featuring a minimal rise in temperature when exposed to sunlight. the solar reflection index of a material is a value between 0 and 1: a value of 0 corresponds to that of a black reference material (not very . Free Sample

put solar reflectance and thermal emittance together and you get the solar reflective index (sri). sri is calculated by using the values of solar reflectance, thermal emittance and a medium wind coefficient. the higher the sri value, the lower its surface temperature and consequently, the heat gain into the building. Free Sample

concrete provides reflective surfaces with good solar reflective index (sri) that helps in urban heat island reduction.however, most opaque non-metallic materials encountered in the built environment (such as concrete, masonry, and wood) have an emittance between 0.85 and 0.95, and a value of 0.90 is usually . Free Sample