how to resurface a wood deck

resurfacing our wood boat dock has been on my to do list for several months. i was planning on using rustoleum's floor but olympic just came out with their version of a cement and wood resurfacer which was a better fit for our needs. it's called rescue it!, and its carried in select lowes stores (at least here in fl). Free Sample

how to refinish a deck. a wooden deck is a beautiful and rustic addition to any yard, and these outdoor areas usually see a lot of traffic, especially during the warmer months. decks are great for relaxing evenings, summer meals outdoor,. Free Sample

refinishing your wood deck every few years is necessary maintenance. learn when and how. when is it time to refinish your wood deck? sometimes it's hard to tell. use the splash test to see if your wood deck needs attention. take a glass of water and splash it on the most heavily traveled areas. Free Sample

deck maintenancerepair the deck, clean it and protect it. but learning tricks the . once on the deck, most still require a stiff-bristle brush and a lot of elbow grease to work the mixture into the wood. always wear eye . rinse the surface thoroughly and allow it to dry before refinishing. diy cleaner Free Sample

check the weather forecast before refinishing a wood deck. any rain or cold snaps can ruin your efforts and force you to start over, so plan at least a 24-hour buffer between your work and any inclement weather. excess wind or humidity can also present challenges, so aim for a day with a forecasted . Free Sample

wood deck restoration project was accomplished by a diy homeowner and painting contractor using behr premium deckover the post includes tips . introducing rust-o-leum deck and concrete floor, a durable coating that's formulated to resurface most exterior wooden and composite deck surfaces. Free Sample

few things are more annoying than stepping onto your deck in bare feet only to be stuck by a splinter. fortunately, you can prevent wood decks from splintering and cracking by refinishing them every year or two. here's how to refinish your deck to keep it looking great (and protect your feet!) for years to . Free Sample